Happy New Year!


This is always the normal time to give thanks. And it was a very good year for this blog thanks to the support of readers like you. It looks like 2012 will be even more interesting for USC and for those of you who follow the Trojans. So Happy New Year’s!


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  • Trojan 70

    Trojan fans start the year off right and read the entertaining article in the OC Register “Bruins have become Punchlines for Jokes.” Happy New Year!

  • NOBS

    You’re WELCOME Scotty. We Insiders are with ya’

  • BoscoH

    My resolution this year is to no longer deride Bruin fans, but just feel genuine pity for them.

  • TrojanPete

    Happy New Year!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Geez Louise! wolfman tries to give a good word, and some Nabaobs remain TOTALLY OBSESSED with UCLA!!!

    wow! we are in y’alls heads!!!

    wolfman, you just keeeep oooooooon scoooopin!!!!!

  • ThaiMex

    Happy New Year to El Jeffe and the rest my Pals at The Classy Cadre. You guys are the best! Yes, we’re outnumbered…but but never OVERMATCHED against these weenie heads.
    Fite on LIMBO U!

  • steve49

    It is so nice to see the Mex back. We wish all you lovely people from Fucla a happy new year, and always remember we are here to lift you up out of your dismal existence as brooooin fans.


    UCLA was apparently outmatched against Illinois hahahahahahahhaha