Quote For The Day

“I’m recruiting for UCLA against Cal, against Southern Cal, against Arizona State, against Washington, all those people.”

— UCLA coach Jim Mora
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  • BoscoH

    Memo to Jimmy Jim… Expectations are already very low, and you’ll still get paid and be able to leave for another NFL job is two years. No need to make excuses.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    “against Southern Cal…” oh i LOVE this MORA Jr.!!!!

    it never fails to amuse how the term Southern Cal drives the Nabobs and Dummies NUTS!!!

    J-Mo gets it!!!! be scared wittle trOXans, be very scared!!!!

  • Nabob

    I am a Nabob, a person of great wealth and prominence.

    Son of Charlie Bucket, you are allowed to worship me, along with my other fellow Nabobs. You may begin in the position you are most familiar with…on your knees.

  • relentlesslypositive

    I like Southern Cal. When did this happen?

  • Gnossos

    I’ve always liked Southern Cal also, never bothered me.


    It is like a friend calling someone a “bit-h,” and it is funny, but from anybody else it is a fighting word.

    Same with Ugly Bucket. He will take anything that he feels will get under USC’s skin and stay with it, stay with it, stay with it ad nauseuam. That’s why Ugly calls SC Southern Cal because he is a spiteful little man.

    Now, Mora is a man of a different color, I think, although the jury is out on him. Still, since the term ‘Southern Cal’ rankles some Trojans, you’d think Mora might be a little more diplomatic. But he is a bruin, so expectations are low.


    “Ad nauseam” it is; these keys are sticky little devils


    The question remains, will Jimbo still be around in five years? I kinda doubt it.

  • ThaiMex

    Way to start out easy coach Mora. In a couple of years we’ll have him referring to the Torgans as “LIMBO U” for all the right reasons.
    L.J…..I know you get soooo excited when Chucker Post’s….Put a sock on it to avoid the sticky key problem!
    Fite on though!

  • steve49

    Cracking me up lil Mex, been gone a bit since the 50-0? Now you finally got a coach and you act like the Messiah has returned to fucla. Get real, stay humble, and let’s see what happens. Southern Cal will be kicking ass during and long after restrictions are over.

    Oh ya, hell of a game up in Frisco, did they let the team back in town yet?

  • steve49

    Hey C-Buck, repent now, come over to the side that can smile and have fun, let all that dismal brooin crap go, be a trojan and have some fun with your life. We welcome converts who finally have seen the light.

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Let’s pretend for a minute that “Southern Cal” actually offends someone.

    Considering recent history, is it a good idea that an incoming Bruin coach’s first move on the job is to call out USC?

    That didn’t turn out too well for the last guy.


    Looks like the ruins could’ve used that extra practice that they skipped out on haha! Over the wall they go!

  • Gnossos

    Thai/Sticks, aren’t you the same troll who at the beginning of the season and through the early part kept repeating 4&8 ain’t it great? How did that work out? More like 6&8 we’re not great, but we’ll be in TRIVIAL Pursuit!


    ThaiMex hasnt been around because he was out selling “hutdug” in order to buy his family Christmas gifts.

  • Gulag

    Time for the ‘ate’ clap ready?

    U clap clap clap clap
    Clowns clap clap clap clap
    Lost clap clap clap clap
    Again clap clap clap clap

    U Clowns Lost A-gain ‘gain ‘gain ‘gain

  • carlosb

    ucla…..ONLY bowl team in NCAA history to have 8, countem, EIGHT fucking losses! Oh the history that this makes! This record could and most likely will never be broken!
    Oh how it must suck, having to be a bRUIN!
    Fight On Trojans!

  • steve49

    fight on, southern Cal

  • usc50ucla0

    Southern Cal, SC, USC, Spoiled Children, etc, etc… who cares what you call’em… THAT team killed y’all FIFTY-ZIP.

    Wasn’t it fUCLA that tried to change their image with those tighty whitey’s at the Whatever that School’s name is vs. fUCLA game???