Bowl Fever

As I write this, I’m close to being perfect on my Pac-12 bowl predictions. If Stanford wins, I will lose one game though I won’t really mind since it is hard to root against Andrew Luck.

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  • marvgoux

    No worries the Indians choked as usual.

  • ThaiMex

    Nice Game by The DUCKS and De’Anthony. No….the Ducks didn’t CHOKE (like the torgans vs. TEXAS a couple of years ago!), and DAT has proven he’s the most exciting Collegiate Football Player we’ve seen in a while (Mono…you still think he’s too SMALL and FRAGILE to be an IMPACT PLAYER? You still think southern cal didn’t really want him anyway?) Sour Grapes On!
    Fite on though LIMBO U!


    DAT wouldnt work in USC’s offense. Sure, he would’ve made a great return specialist, but he would’ve played corner at USC.

  • scidiot

    Shaw lost Stanford the game. The only thing worse than using the Wildcat was his end of the game management. Stanford could have run the ball several more times for a closer field goal attempt or possibly even gotten the touchdown.

  • Cade McNown’s Handicapped Sticker

    Shaw didn’t lose anything. Your scholarship kicker should hit a field goal from the middle of the field within 40 years. Anything else is “fail.”


    Yes, Scott, you were correct in all of your picks, and so were the Vegas odds-makers because every favored team that was involved in the Pac-12 bowl games won, I believe. Check me on this, but uckla was a ‘dog,
    ‘Furd was a ‘dog, and the Quacks were 3-point favorites; not positive about the others.

    Is ThaiMex sounding a lot like Ugly Bucket these days?– and is that rich how a bruin is going back to a 2006 game, 6 years ago, to “prove” that SC chokes. How about the 1974 Rose Bowl game where SC got beat by Ohio State?

  • scidiot

    Give the ducks credit. They win a Rose Bowl game every 95 years or there abouts.

  • Dirk Diggler

    It may be hard to root against Andrew Luck, but how about rooting against his god awful beard?