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The Baby Quarterback (David Sills) could be on the move as Red Lion Christian Academy in Delaware no longer aspires to be a national prep football power and fired its coach..
Sills, who committed to USC in seventh grade, completed 165-for-250 passes for 2,340 yards with 28 touchdowns and 11 interceptions as a ninth grader last season.

Photo/Jim Stout

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Look at that baller. He’s ballerific. The next Maronovich and McCoy (Friday Night Lights)!


  • The MonopoIy Is Over Here

    Sorry, my alter ego, Mono, the old “lezzgo” was pretty gay…but this new Spelling “LEZgO!” is Queer Nation gay.

    And for gods sake, keep your sweet lover NUBSie away from the Baby QB!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Bored, Rob?

  • BearPuss

    @Bruin Rob is a moron

    First of all, nice handle. Simple and true. Secondly, of course Rob’s bored. There is NOTHING exciting going on for Bruin fans. Sure, we won a title in women’s VB, but, with all due respect, ladies, give me a fuck*ng break. I want basketball, I want football. Mora’s promise to clean up the BearPuss is hollow and weak. The guy has no clue what he signed up for. Don’t even ask me about the basketball team. I broke my fuck*ng LED tv watching the Cal game. If we lose to USC next weekend… color me red and consider me a Trojan. FML if you know what I mean.

  • BearPuss

    One more thing. Bruin Rob is not nearly the moron that ThaiMex is. And at least the guy’s got passion. Thaimex…..I mean, this guy is REALLY dumb. From what I understand, he goes around running his idiotic mouth about how bad USC’s gonna be when we’re the joke of the nation. Smart move, prick. Get real. Keep your mouth shut. Actually, in your case, keep talking. See “how low can you go” and I’ll consider producing a reality show called “American Idiot” in honor of your intelligence. I’m sure you’ll win. We’ll give you $5 win or lose.

  • BearPuss

    Okay, I’ve calmed a little. I apologize to my fellow “Bruins”. As a real fan, I’m not exactly in a good, let’s make fun of USC kind of mood. I will attempt to show improved tolerance for your behavior/posting practices.


  • Trojanfan

    Bearpussy….pack up your shit and leave, don’t forget to take the other trolls with you…We don’t give a shit what happens with Mora or UCLA….now run along…idiot

  • BearPuss


    Okay! Sorry! Please don’t whip me, little buddy!

  • NOBS

    TFan, seriously, have you ever had any BearPussy? It’s sweet! Our football team has it EVERY year.

  • BearPuss


    LOL. With Mora we’ll be serving alllll day. In fact, as far as I’m willing to bet, you’ll be feasting on bearpuss for at least the next 2 decades. 50-0 is a big fucki*g gap. And the gap’s growing. And no, fellow bruins, I don’t care AT ALL what you think. You’re wrong, I’m right. We’ve finally sunk too low to catch up. I will be SHOCKED of we win ONCE in our little “rivalry” before I die.

  • NOBS

    The only thing better than BearPussy is lickin’ the Beavers!

  • Trojanfan

    ^^^Soooo true…lol

  • N0BS

    I’m so confused. I don’t even know which readers’ wives or children to besmirch!

    “We gotta get off the air”!!!!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Is Jim Healy NzeroBS?

  • “Count” Smackula

    Vell, I vill say zis about zee Baby QB: novun vill be callink him fatso like Herr Barkley!