Answer Saturday!

Finally finishing up the readers’ questions.

Q: barney said:
Forgive me for repeateing this, if I am, but what has/is likely to become of the recruit SC was so proud of last year, George Farmer? I know he was hurt, I know they talked/tried tailback, but I see no mention of him in the forecasts for next year. I hope he hasn’t left for Oregon to room with D’Anthony and I missed it.

A: Farmer is going to play next season. Lane Kiffin wants him to play tailback. Farmer wants to play wide receiver. This will be a spring issue and there might be a compromise with Farmer playing a slotback role. It will be one of the intriguing issues of spring practice.

Q: sam said:
You remember Taylor Mays complained about Carroll picking up Earl Thomas instead of him? Thomas was selected as a starting free safety in the Pro Bowl, while Mays is mostly a special teamer for the Bengals after being traded for a 7th round pick. It’s an ironic story, really.

A: Carroll made a good choice with Thomas. Now all he needs to do is to win some games.

Q: Karrillo said:
What are the rules regarding Oregon communicating with local recruits at the Rose Bowl Game or while they’re down in Southern California.

A: The rules at bowl games are that recruits can attend games if they buy a ticket but cannot visit the locker room or do anything associated with attending a regular-season home game. Oregon would be allowed to contact recruits if it was allowed (like for every other school). So really, the bowl isn’t much different though recruits could have attended bowl practices.

Q: Edward said:
Would you explain, in detail, how exactly this Pac-12/Big Ten deal (scheduling) will work?

A: I haven’t really seen a lot of details yet. Larry Scott said there would be games beginning in 2017. He did not say which schools would play each other. I am wondering though if schools like Michigan, Ohio State or Nebraska would travel to Washington State’s small stadium. That would be a tough ticket.

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  • I partied with John DeLorean

    Scott, when are you going to post about Amir Carlisle transferring to ND? Although the decision had to do with his family, my guess is that you are nutting in your speedos right now just thinking about the kind of negative, idiotic, completely misleading way you can spin it. Wait a minute . . . forget Scott, I think I hear Bucket saran-wrapping his keyboard right now. Cue the cluelessness in 3 . . . 2 . . . 1 . . .

  • TrojanPete

    Damn, that sucks. Just read about that. Doesn’t do much for his acting aspirations. Now that means Kiffin will likely pressure George Farmer into staying at RB.

  • USC – 714

    Yeah I just read on Michael Lev’s blog that Amir Carlisle is transferring to ND. How did this happen?? Had high hopes for that kid!!

  • USC – 714

    I hope Farmer stays at tailback now, and maybe moves to receiver next year. The tailbacks now consist of
    1. Curtis McNeal
    2. George Farmer
    3. D.J. Morgan
    4. Buck Allen

    Someone besides McNeal has got to STEP UP ! ! ! !

  • carlosb

    His dad works at Purdue. Could he have been homesick for the family? He was going to break out this season and challenge McNeal for the ball. The only things that kept him off the field this past season were injuries. Now he’ll have to sit another year and watch ND crumble, into the depths of ucla like loser platitudes. If the Domers are fortunate enough to open 2-0 vs Navy and Purdue, they could conceivably lose 9 of the next 10 and very possibly only be 3-9 in 2012.
    Big mistake Amir! Unimaginable, tossing a USC degree for the ND downgrade… Sick!

  • TrojanPete

    It is what it is. It makes you wonder though–I think we all knew that Carlisle de-committed from Stanford because his father was let go from his job with the 49ers by newly hired, ex-Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh. So was he really that interested in USC in the first place? And how much influence can one father have over his son? Amir looked good in the limited time he played. With Tyler going pro and Baxter leaving, you have to figure he would have had a lot of reps in 2012. Once McNeal goes pro, he’d be at the top of the list in 2013. Oh well. I wish him well–he seems like such a nice kid.

  • TrojanPete

    Interesting op-ed on the NCAA’s “Justice” System in the NY Times–

  • schammer47

    Good News:

    Oregon’s JR RB LaMichael James and 7 other eligible Ducks headed for the NFL draft. Is JR RB Kenyon Barner one of the 7? Huh? Ducks recruit 6 Defensive Ends.

    The Bad: U. of California having a blockbuster 2012 recruiting year, and it’s not over yet. Today, Cal claims two 5 stars and a 4 star raising their count to 18, earning them a 10th ranking in Rivals ranks Oregon 15 with 19 committed, Stanford 16 with 17 committed (including 4 star RB Barry Sanders son),and bringing up the rear, our USC ranked 17 with only 12 commmitted. SH*T !!! Not like old times.

    To top it off, Notre Dame is also landing the cream of the California 2012 graduating high school crop, soon to include (?) the Armstead brothers. If the elder brother medically qualfies to play DT for an NCAA 1A school, what does it say for the USC medical examiners?

    Fight On, Kevin Seymour and our Trojans coaches !!!

  • TrojanPete


    Cal is having a darn good time right now. Tosh Lupoi sure is a great recruiter. I wouldn’t put McCarthy in stone quite yet because he is a soft verbal but it is looking good for them. As for the rankings, remember this–they are based on not just quality, but quantity. With our scholarship reductions, we aren’t going to be rated that high. But if you isolate just the quality factor by looking at the average star rating, USC is #1 with 3.91 stars. Cal and Stanford’s ratings are 3.56 and 3.47, respectively. Where’s UCLA? At 2.91! We currently have 11 commits–1 is rated a five star, while 8 are rated four star. UCLA has 23 commits with zero five star and 4 four star. Put whatever faith you want into these rankings. Remember though, Kiffin always has a surprise or 3 waiting on National Signing Day.

  • Trojanfan

    TrojanPete…That was a very interesting article, thanks for sharing it…The NCAA needs to change the way it does business

  • TrojanPete


    You’re welcome. The NCAA posted a rebuttal to the article on its web site–

    The fundamental problem with the NCAA or any other governing body is that it will naturally gravitate toward taking on more power and become more unjust. As long as those who give it power–the member institutions–are fine with this, it will continue to happen.