On The Carlisle Transfer

USC tailback Amir Carlisle’s decision to transfer to Notre Dame was unusual because schools usually do not release players to a school on their schedule. It also leaves USC a little light at tailback with Curtis McNeal, D.J. Morgan and George Farmer (who doesn’t want to play tailback but probably will be forced to anyways).
According to the South Bend Tribune , Carlisle’s move was based on his family moving Indiana.
But this also shows the folly of Carlisle being used strangely this season, with his redshirt year wasted on 19 carries. If he redshirted this year, it is doubtful he would transfer and sit out another season.

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  • NOBS

    It doesn’t matter when the player is dog $h!t….like Carlisle. He’ll be a nobody.

  • TrojanPete

    “If he had redshirted this year…”

    How was Kiffin supposed to know that Carlisle may want to transfer after the season? As for releasing him unconditionally, I think it is a wise move. Restricting their transfer or refusing to sign a release altogether is bad PR, bad precedent, and otherwise mean-spirited. Potential recruits want to know that a potential coach will allow them out if they want to. Derek Dooley ate a lot of crow in the past couple of weeks due to the DeAnthony Arnett situation. Kiffin/Haden are smarter than that.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Like rats off a sinking ship.

    I hear that train a comin. Comin down the line. The NCAA train is comin and the death penalty sure looks fine. Kiff payed a player to join him, just to watch him whine. And when he roll on the TroBans, it will all be fine.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    ROTFHHMAO!!! i love it when my posts are so timely validated!!!

    instead of wishing this fine young man good luck, the jackal trOXans swarm in to insult and demean!

    remember Amir, you’re a trOXan for life!! HAWR-HAWR!!! i mean, ROTFHHMAO!!!!!!

    seriously though, kid, don’t listen to these idiots, you’re better off in South Bend!! Notre Dame is known as “the UCLA of the Mid-West”!!!

  • NOBS

    The following who post on this blog are a BORE:


    All the posts are the SAME crap, blah blah blah. The bottom line is SC kicks the $h!t out of ’em and they just keep coming back with the same old tired crap.

  • schammer47

    Bell Air Nasty:

    FIFTY TO ZERO, you sorry little Bast**d. You obviously didn’t hear the Trojan Locomative on November 26. Have you found your A** yet? Warning, the Reborn Trojan Express will be comin down your line once again this coming fall. Nasty, next time better keep your A** in your hand and your ears open.


  • steve49

    I will be going to South Bend next week and I will look around for any signs about ucla of the mid west.
    I am SUUURRE they are extremely proud of that monicker, and will without doubt be sending the Bucket a monetary thank you gift soon. Such publicity from such a renowned individual cannot be bought.

    In reality, I am sure any proud ND fan would love to kick Buckets ass for making such an asinine and defamatory comment.

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    @TrojanPete: Did I call it, or what?! Scott’s “redshirt” perspective was pure Wolf dum-dum.

  • TrojanPete


    Yes, you did! That was money! As negative as Scott can be sometimes, I actually didn’t think he’d come up with a negative angle on Kiffin on this one but he sure did! It took him a few hours but it happened. Good call.

  • Trojanfan

    Bucket is an idiot…Bruinrob said it’s flag pole time….ouch!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    steve49: well, ChuckerBucker is headed for El Cholo Cantina, so any lil’ Rudys who wanna see what they’re made of can come down and express themselves. i’ll be at the bar for a bit, and they will know who i am when they see me, if their girlfriends doesn’t find me first.

  • Nabob

    Charlie Bucket…you are headed nowhere….accept to this blog…where you spend so much of your time….every day….because you are obsessed….LOL….get a life kid….

  • SC for LIFE

    Scott – I now know why I feel so sorry for you…

    You too must have had some really stupid parents. There can’t be another logical explanation.

  • Bill

    50-0, why are you still living in the past? UCLA has a new coach and a new attitude and will knock that shit eating grin of Barkley’s face! He will wish that he went to the pros and was an eighth round pick! Time to focus on the future!!!


  • gotroy22

    Scott, good point, I seem to recall Pete limiting the schools where a transfer could go, why the change?

  • gotroy22

    Scott, good point, I seem to recall Pete limiting the schools where a transfer could go, why the change?

  • Evil Robot

    I guess redshirt freshman tailback Javarious Allen has left the team as well or is this just a case of you being too lazy to check the depth chart?

  • Trojanfan

    We all know Bucket has mental health issues….he’s obsessed with anything related to USC

  • My poor sonny is suicidal. USC lost Payton, Thompson, and McCarthy to Cal yesterday, all three my poor loser son was counting on them to become troBANS, and it seems half the team is transferring. Could the demise of a once proud football tradition have started earlier than anticipated? Most experts forecast that it would 2013 when this demise would take place, could it be sooner?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Why all the venom, trOXans?? your team is the runaway favorite to win it all!!! with the Pious Passer, the best receiver tandem in history, the easiest schedule, the long elusive BCS Champeeeenship is a lock!!! i sure wish UCLA were in such lofty position!!! i truly envy you trOXans!! let the coronation begin!!!

    i am also here to announce that when the trOXans win the BCS Champeeeeenship (a mere formality) the Cadre will host a full dinner with open bar at the Phoenix Club to honor the new Champeeeens!!!!

  • steve49

    Oh Bucket, you are so cordial. Thank you.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Why did you drop the Jim Healy quote in your NzeroBS post the other day?

    Considering all the time and effort you put in here that was a rather careless mistake that obviously exposed one of your personas. Very sloppy!!!

  • usc50ucla0

    hahaha Hey BillyBob how do you say 50-0 is living in the past and sign off with 13-9???? M-O-R-O-N!!!!

    Carl Hulick is a good 2-star decommit from SMU to fUCLA hahaha today. Glad to see your staff working up the ladder. Dismissed Randall Carroll, Wesley Flowers and Raymond Nelson. NOW THATS commitment!!!