Prater Transfers

USC wide receiver Kyle Prater said he will transfer today but did not announce a destination. This is probably a good moves for both sides. He gets to go somewhere and play. And he frees up a scholarship for Lane Kiffin, who never seemed to like Prater anyways.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    5 star bust. Slow and lenky, kinda like the old men Charlize Bucksh*t likes to drop GHB into drinks of and take home in Westwood….

    Time to get Stefon Diggs to USC.


  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


  • bushwhite

    On the Notre dame boards, the golden homers thought Gunner Kiel was going to commit to the Irish. They posted and posted about how great he was and drooled over his #1 QB rating and how BK was going to “change the offense to suit his skill set” and blah blah and of course how ND will go 13-0 with him..until he committed to LSU then suddenly he was “overrated” and “not suited to notre dame style of football” and on and on..say what you want monopoly but Prater was the #2 WR in his class per and those are hard to come by. And he wanted to be a Trojan.

    Why did he leave? because he cannot run a 4.40 40 and
    Lane with his OCD about “Speed on the field” was ignoring him. Well, I remember a couple of WR’s named Williams and Jarrett who were not speed burners either but did pretty well here.

    I have moved my seat closer to the “jump off” section of the lane kiffen bandwagon. I am not sure what ol Lame has been doing here lately.

    I never found out what happend with Dillon Baxter, either, or why he was basically forced out. Or why Armond Armstead had to sit out all year with this “illness” that we still don’t even know what it is? Of course costing us Arik too. Why didn’t Lane play
    Kessler or Wittek? He won’t play them this season, when one of them takes over in 2013 they will have zero experience. Why was the team so un prepared and un motivated for the ASU game last year?
    Will any RB’s be brought in to back up mcneal and dj morgan? We are actually getting real thin at WR now that Ambles, Prater and Brice Butler are gone..BTW
    Butler left because he knew no one besides Lee and Woods will ever see the field at WR, another Kiffen

  • NJ Trojan

    Here’s a breakdown of the current roster, including the recent enrollees (* most likely to drop or get the boot):

    C: Holmes, DiPoalo, Hobbi, Markowitz*
    G: Martinez, Martin, Galten, Temple, Walker#
    OT: Graf, Garness
    TE: Grimble, Telfer, Thomas, Pomee
    SE: Woods, Butler*, Prater*
    FL: Lee, Blackwell, Flournoy*
    QB: Barkley, Scroggins, Wittek, Kessler
    FB: Vainuku, Burks, Vehikite*
    TB: McNeal, Morgan, Farmer, Allen
    DT: Uko, Tavai, Woods, Heyward, Armstead*
    DE: Horton, Kennard, Greene, Townsend, Breslin, Wilson, Wheeler
    ML: Dawson, Andrew, Kelley, Starr
    OLB: Pullard, Bailey, Madden, Sarao, Simmons*
    S: McDonald, Starling, McAllister, Wright, Bowman, Hall*
    CB: Robey, Wiley, Harris, Brown, Henderson, Baucham*, Burnett*
    LS: McBride
    P: Albarado
    K: Heidari

    # Walker is sure to move to OT

    USC needs 5 OLs. I won’t be too worried even if Prater & Butler leave. Telfer, Thomas or Pomee can split out wide if needed. Still USC could use 2 WRs including a big SE. USC could also use a FB. USC needs 2 DTs. USC needs an OLB. USC needs a S & a CB. That’s 13. USC can take 15. They have commits from 2 OLs, 1 TE, 1 WR, 1 FB, 1 DE, 1 LB & 1 CB (Seymour). That’s 8. They can take 7 more. Hopefully 3 will be OLs, 1 will be WR, 2 will be DTs & 1 will be S.

  • USC Anteater

    It bears saying now and always that USC had an amazing haul of WR’s the last two years, getting national attention. Yes, Prater was a 5* recruit as was Woods that year. Players come to USC to compete with the best, and they understand that if you don’t compete you don’t play. Everyone knows that USC and Matt Barkley has the best WR’s in the country. USC is not getting any national attention for having the best WR backup bench in the nation. I was a fan of Prater when he came in and frankly thought “who needs Woods when we just recruited Prater?” a couple years ago. Now raise your hand if you would choose to put Prater on the field for a given play instead of Woods or Lee. I don’t want to go back to the Carroll days of 10 great RB’s and not one of them seeing significant carries and therefore no one gets properly developed into a gamemaker. I wish him well and hope he sees the field wherever he winds up.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Well, as they say at UCLA, “You lose some, you lose some.”

  • bushwhite

    Thanks NJ great post and info. appreciate it.

    Just a few thoughts..

    1. USC needs a FB Why? we already have s vainuku and vehikite and J Pinner coming in. We need more than 3 FBs?

    2. Telfer or Pomme could split out to WR..seriously?
    R Telfer at WR? Been a TE his whole life weighs what 250 lbs at WR? I don’t think it’s the answer and I don’t see any WRs coming in as D Rogers has just scheduled a visit with ASU and his commit looks very shaky..

    3. USC needs 2 DT..I would say we need more than that.
    Armstead is not coming here which leaves us with 3 bodies to play NT and DT..none of which have any experience. I keep hearing about Aziz Shittu orgeron better go sleep at his house until he commits. We are
    in a real desperate situation here..

    3. USC needs an OLB…why add to this collection? you have listed 10 players at MLB or OLB just in your list why do we need more??

    4. USC needs 1 CB..I would again say we need more than that. considering our 102nd rated pas D last year and 109th the year before that..I have never been a fan of
    T Harris B Baucham T Burnett didn’t even belong on the field he runs track. But of course he runs a 4.39 40 so Kiffen wants him out there..never mind he can’t cover..

    I remember also when we had 10 RB’s who all sat on the bench but now we have 10 LB’s and will have 10 OL who are going to sit on the bench and fight for playing time while LSU pounds the ball right at JR TAvei and G Uko who are so gassed they can’t stand up..

  • bushwhite

    you gotta remember a big reason for the “improvement” in our pass D last year (if you can call it that) was that N Perry and juicy were getting good pressure on the QB..we might not have that this year depending on how Kennard and HOrton do..

  • bushwhite

    I am not counting Farmer as a RB because he has made it blatantly clear he is not interested in playing RB and they better stop using him there or he will leave also.

    has anyone ever seen Buck Allen? I have no info on him at all..that leaves us with 2-3 RB’s total..better hope somebody gets in DJ foster’s ear this weekend on campus..

  • NJ Trojan

    @bushwhite: Pinner would be the FB USC needs assuming he follows through on his nonbinding commitment. I’m not so sure Vehikite will be back if Kiffin has to cut players to make room for new recruits. It seemed to me that Telfer did split out wide a few times this season, no? I’m not suggesting a position change. I’m suggesting that Kiffin could use TEs instead of SEs. Besides TE are the rage in the NFL. SC has 4 good DTs now. With a 75 cap 6 is enough. USC only has 9 current LBs & I wouldn’t count on Simmons returning if Kiffin need his scholly. Ruffin is the guy. There is a lot of talent at CB but injuries ravaged the position last year. You need to have 12-15 OLs on your roster or you run into the trouble USC had in 09 & 10. You need at least 9 LBs (more if you like 3-4 sets) since they get banged up & since they’re ver valauble ST contributors. (Same goes for RBs.) Horton & Kennard will do just fine. With just 10 more pounds of muscle Farmer would be the same size as M. Allen was…but faster. The guy will be USC’s X-factor at slot back.