The Top 25

Here is my final ballot for the Associated Press poll:

1. Oklahoma State
2. Alabama
3. LSU
4. Arkansas
5. Boise State
6. Oregon
7. USC
8. Stanford
9. South Carolina
10. TCU
11. Michigan State
12. Georgia
14. Southern Mississippi
15. Oklahoma
16. Michigan
17. Kansas State
18. Baylor
19. Houston
20. West Virginia
21. Clemson
22. Auburn
23. Cincinnati
24. Virginia Tech
25. Northern Illinois

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Not quite.

  • USC – 714

    Oklahoma St. #1?

    Is that a typo?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Alabama played a pop-warner caliber LSU offense tonight but there defense is still terrific. Top-10:
    1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma State
    3. Oregon
    4. LSU
    5. USC (Based on record–SC would whip the Bayou Bengals)
    6. Arkansas
    7. Stanford
    8. Wisconsin
    9. Arkansas
    10. Boise State

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Nice voting douche..

  • ianSC

    1. Alabama
    2. Oklahoma State
    3. LSU
    4. USC
    5. Oregon
    6. Stanford
    7. Arkansas

  • Gnossos

    Makes perfect sense, we beat Oregon and are below them, we lost to Stanford and we are above them….perfect symmetry.

  • Trojanfan

    wolf…do you really think Boise would beat usc on a neutral field….you must have a man crush on Peterson….lol

  • Trojsteve5

    Wolf you are a real piece of work. Alabama is #1 no questions asked. Oklahoma St. with their pathetic defense would have no chance against the Crimson Tide. USC behind Oregon after beating them in Eugene no way. TCU is not a top ten team only winning by seven against a mediocre opponent La. Tech. Clemson gives up 70 pts. to West Va. and you ranked them in the top 25. You obviously just like getting attention can’t be that ignorant.

  • TrojanPete


    You’ve got to be kidding. Oklahoma St. doesn’t belong in the top 2. Come on!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    What about UCLA?
    oohh they only brag about national champeenships in other (mostly women’s) sports??? Where’s UCLA Dynasty? This is a real dynasty:
    Back to back to back to back.
    2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 men’s water polo natl champs!
    2012 USC football


  • Trojan Rewind

    hey TrojSteve5…why don’t you stick to whining about women’s basketball since it’s obvious you don’t know a lot about many other sports….

  • NJ Trojan

    Alabama’s performance last night earned the “national championship. Oklahoma State probably would have scored a few more points, but at least a few of Alabama’s field goals would have been touchdowns. Arkansas is overrated while Oklahoma and Wisconsin are underrated. Boise State is a solid top-ten team, but I wouldn’t rank them in the top-five. USC came on strong at the end of the season, but I’m not so sure I’d rank them in the top-ten this year. (I’d probably would for next year, though.) The Pac-12 was down this year.

  • 420phototron

    Alabama defense beats any team in college football.

    As far as the rest of the top 25; no one will care next week and better luck next year.

  • steve49

    A team has to play both side of the ball, Ok St. only plays on one side, offense. Sorry Scott, you still got that ego going on and bringing Boise into the mix above USC proves it. LET IT GO!

    I guess what I don’t understand is why you would want to publish this list and show all of us what you got, or don’t got for that matter. I wish I could say nice try, but it wasn’t.

  • uscmike

    USC ends up No. 6 in the final AP Poll.

    Scott was one of four voters to have Oklahoma St. at No. 1. Not sure why the Cowboys should get any No. 1 votes after Stanford’s kicker choked twice to hand the Cowboys the victory.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    ROTFHHMAO!!!! U of Shouldda-Couldda!!!

    helloooo….any legit Poll does not list the disgraced trOXans!!

    wolfman, i know you are just doing your duty, but you should abandon the anachronistic AP Poll. your immense talents would be better served working for the the Obama Administration or the Cadre.

    “we’re gonna shut this place down!!!!”

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    TrojanRewind (a.k.a. Scott Wolf) is an idiot. TrojSteve5 makes very valid points, and Wolf’s alterego comes up with a lame response.

    Wolf, your ballot is a joke.

  • jack

    People, please stop and think for a second. All Scotty is, is that annoying kid in middle school who does stupid things to call attention to himself because he is starved for attention. Everyone knows, including him as well, that his ballot is full of contradictions and with no logical purpose whatsoever. As you recall, earlier in the year poor Scotty was grilled on ESPN for voting Boise St. #1, and he had no concrete explanation for doing so. On a side not, I was at the Fiesta Bowl last week and I ran into one of Scotty’s colleagues, she used to work for the Daily News and I was introduced to her by a mutual friend who went to Stanford with her, and I asked her, off the record of course, how she dealt with such an ass clown as Scotty. She thought for a moment, and stated that every family has a goofy uncle or brother, who just cannot seem to figure it out. That statement in a nutshell is Scotty.

  • BoscoH

    Oregon-USC-Stanford is basically a 6th place tie vote. Based on bowl eligibility and performance, he ordered them right. Boise State will be an enigma for a long time to come because they do not travel well at all, and won’t get a bowl invite that will justify a high end of year ranking. 35,000 between BSU and ASU at the Vegas Bowl? That’s just embarrassing for both schools. It’s not a short drive, but you could do that overnight, crash for a couple hours during the tailgate, enjoy the game, and make it halfway home before you need to find a motel. Or cram 50 people on a tour bus. Geez.

  • spedjones

    Okie State is actually the correct call for Number 1. Well done, Wolfie. They should have been playing last night in Bama’s place.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Not that I agree but the ony surprise I see in the Wolf top ten is that Boise St. is ahead of Arkansas and USC is ahead of Stanford.

  • sureshot

    Having Okie State at #1 is a travesty. They are not a great team and would be taken behind the woodshed by Bama. Stanford (and Shaw’s ultra-conservative play calling) absolutely handed the game to the Cowpokes. They deserved to lose that game despite playing a Stanford team that was without its fastest player (Owusu) and its best defensive player (Skov).

    And Arkansas is so overrated, I can’t even begin to explain it. They played two very good teams this year and they didn’t even come close. They were straight handled by both Bama and LSU. They weren’t even competitive. If they would have played SC on a neutral field at the end of the season, SC would have beaten them 45-17. Stop overrating Arkansas – and readers should stop sleeping on Boise. The Broncos are a very good team, who like SC in the late 2000’s always seems to stub its toe on a conference opponent (missed field goals against a 12-1 Nevada team and a 11-2 TCU team are their only losses in the past THREE seasons)

    Bottom line, Scooter Wolf is a moron and his ballot is the worst in the nation.

  • oregon111

    uscmike says: “Not sure why the Cowboys should get any No. 1 votes after Stanford’s kicker choked twice to hand the Cowboys the victory.”

    kind of like how Oregon’s kicker choked to hand USC a victory – huh?

    I only bring it up in regards to final standings:

    I say…

    bama #1

    next is a 4 way tie in no particular order – Oregon/Stanford/USC/OK st

    then LSU because they played so BAD in the NC

    and the rest, nobody cares

  • Bill

    What National Championships have the Toejams won? Can’t recall any for the last 30 years. Let’s see, there was LSU, Texas, and there was some team that gave back a victory or two. Can’t think of any…

    Winning the Daily Toejam National Championship doesn’t count!

  • NJ Trojan

    @Bill: USC claimed its first NC in 1928. USC opened with home victories against UT St, OSU, and St Marys. USC then played to a tie at Cal & scored 6 home Ws against Occidental, SU, AZ, WSU, and ID. USC then beat ND at home 27-14. But USC turned down the chance to play undefeated GA Tech in the RB, and GA Tech beat Cal to claim the NC too. So it appeared that GA Tech was more deserving of the title.

    USC claimed its 2nd NC in 1931 despite an opening loss at home to St Marys. USC recovered and went on to win 9 consecutive games, including at Cal & ND & against SU, finishing 9-1. USC went beat Tulane in the RB. Pitt also claimed the NC in 31 But Pitt finished 9-1 with a loss at ND so it appeared USC was more deserving.

    USC stormed through 1932 undefeated winning at SU & WA & beating Cal & ND at home. MI also claimed the NC in 1932. MI finished 8-0 but they only beat regional foes while USC went on to beat Pitt in the RB so it appeared USC was more deserving.

    The only blemishes on USC’s record in 1939 were ties against OR & UCLA to begin & end the season. USC won at Cal & ND & beat SU, IL & OSU. #3 USC beat #2 TN in the RB but TX A&M finished its season undefeated and untied & beat #5 Tulane in the SB. #4 Cornell also finished the season undefeated but it appeared that Texas A&M was most deserving.

  • NJ Trojan

    McKay led #1 USC to an undefeated season and a consensus NC in 1962 with a win over #2 WI in the RB.

    In 1967 USC lost 3-0 at OSU but won aother consensus NC after beating #5 TX at home, #5 ND in SB, #1 UCLA & #4 IN in the RB.

    In 1972 USC fielded 1 of the greatest college FB teams of all time. USC went undefeated and outscored their foes by an ave of 4 TDs each.

    USC did not finish undefeated in 1974 but they beat UCLA & ND & won the Pac-8 & the RB. USC split with undefeated OK after beating #3 OH St in the RB. OK was on probation & banned from post-season play that year & undefeated AL lost to ND in the OB.

    USC split the title with AL in 1978 after both finished with 1 loss. USC’s loss was at ASU but AL’s loss was to USC in Birmingham so there should have been no doubt that USC was the better team.

  • NJ Trojan

    After the 2003 LSU defeated OK in the SB to claim the NC. But the title was split when the AP Poll elected USC. At the end of the season LSU, USC & OK all finished with 1loss each. Boise St, Miami-OH & TCU all finished with just 1 loss too. For debatable reasons none of those latter 3 had a chance to play for the NC but their success added to the controversy. OK went into the Big XII Championship Game undefeated and destined to play in the SB but they lost to KS St & USC jumped to #1 in both the AP & the Coaches Poll. The BCS formula discounted USC’s position in the polls & pitted OK against LSU. LSU won ensuring that they would claim at least a share of the title but #1 USC beat #4 MI in the RB.

    After the 2004 season USC beat OK in the OB to claim its 11th NC. Three teams from power conferences finished the year undefeated: USC, OK & Auburn. USC crushed OK to claim the consensus NC but Auburn emerged from the SEC unscathed and defeated #8 VA Tech in the SB. Also notable was UT’s victory over Pitt in the FB. But USC was the consensus choice.

  • NJ Trojan

    And there were 7 other years when at least 1 of the major selectors recognized by the NCAA picked USC as the NC (29, 33, 76, 79, 05 & 07).

    So, Bill, USC claims 11 NCs & has been credited with 18. Why don’t you tell us all about UCLA’s NCs…

  • Trojsteve5

    Who is this jerk called “TrojanRewind”. Looks like his brain got rewound up his ass. What’s your deal? No need for a personal attack bringing up another topic. State your case if you disagree and present facts to back up your complaint. Hopefully not an alum of USC.

  • tcook41

    Hey Guys:

    Its not very difficult. To say OSU is number #1 is a complete joke. Ask yourself, “Did OSU beat Stanford or did Stanford lose?” OSU gave up almost 600 yards on defense and if the Stanford kicker, who was 2nd team All Pac 12, makes a straight ahead extended extra point to WIN the game after Stanford drove the field in less than a minute to WIN the game, he misses. And please, didn’t Stanford beat USC at the Coliseum? And didn’t USC lose to ASU? But yet SC beats Oregon on another missed FG and you want to rank them ahead of Stanford who just blew a game against the supposed number 3 team in the country? Please explain the logic please? And please pass the pipe cause I would like to smoke whatever you guys are smoking!!!