• Scotty Wolf

    This is right out of my playbook on how to stir the pot. Wow, what a surprise to find out the Jets would be happy with one of the greatest QB’s to ever play the game if he was available. I only wish I would have thought of this first.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Nick Mangold defended Mark and said this story was phony. But yes, who the he’ll WOULDN’T want Peyton Manning over most QBs in the NFL? zZz…

  • scottrojan

    This is why the Jets will always be a 2nd class organization! And why players should play and not be GMs

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    We all know Shottenhiemer is the problem in NYC. Marky mark needs to get out of the Kate Upton ass and back on the field working with his WR’s. Speaking of WR’s what a bunch of jackasses they have, similar to Randel Carrol and Nelson Rosario, all bark, no bite…


    Well, if the Jets can’t get Peyton Manning, maybe they can make a play for Tom Brady, or the guy down the street, Eli Manning.

    Or perhaps Sanchez needs more seasoning. He only had 13 games of experience before he went pro.

  • Cade McNown’s Handicapped Sticker

    The effing NYC Sports Media culture is vomit.

    Here is how they would report Jesus’ crucifixion:

    “Jesus hangs around with prostitutes and has become lazy,” said a former disciple. “The day before the crucifixion, he is having a huge dinner with his disciples and wanders off to a garden to be alone with his thoughts? What kind of leadership is that? After three years, he clearly has maxed out.”

    Said another insider familiar with the group said, “I understand that his disciples could have done more, like gotten a ladder and pair of pliers and taken him down from the cross, but really, if he is the Son of God, why didn’t he just flood Jerusalem or turn Rome into a pilar of salt. He clearly doesn’t have the old man’s decision making ability.”

    The former insider, summing up the feelings of some Galileans, commented about Zeus being available. “Would I trade Jesus for Zeus? Hell yes! You would be fool not to.”