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Q: gotroy22 said:
If SC refuses to pay the big bucks for a top tier basketball coach, why not hire alum Paul Westphal, who was just fired by the Sacramento Kings and coached years ago at Pepperdine?

A: I like Westphal but his time at Pepperdine did not enhance his reputation and there are some in USC basketball circles that do not rank him as a good coach. So that would make him a long-shot candidate.

Q: Edward said:
Might RB Kelvin York (Fullerton CC to Utah) be back in the picture at USC?

A: York signed a letter of intent last month with Utah. I thought USC should have stuck with him even after his knee injury because he was a mid-year signing anyways. Now he looks like he could have been a valuable addition with the current tailback depth issues.

Q: other-wolff said:
Hi Scott

Amongst Matt Kahlil, TJ McDonald and Nick Perry, which one player would you say gives the team a better shot of winning in 2012 if they were to return for their senior year? Thanks

A: I’d definitely go with Kalil because he is protecting Matt Barkley. Perry enjoyed a big season and will be tough to replace. McDonald would have been less difficult because safety is not a difficult position to replace and USC had several candidates (Drew McAllister, Gerald Bowman, etc.).

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    Scott, can you name some of the recruits visiting this weekend, and who might be a surprise commit.

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    I don’t know about Kelvin, but German First Lieutenant Paul Jrgen Vollmer sure didn’t like the intent of that other York…