Answer Friday! (Part 2)

In this segment, a soccer, football and basketball question all get answered.

Q: .mownyc said:
What did you think of the red card against Kompany in the FA Cup against Man U?

A: I thought it was harsh but from some angles I could see why the referee might have given one. I thought it should have been overturned on appeal but it looks like tackles are being judged harsher this season.

Q: spedjones said:
still feeling confident in Ellis McCarthy Scott? I suggested he would be a bruin and I still think so. For more fun, do you think McCarthy will trip and if so, will SC be one of his visits? I say yes but no.

A: I’ve heard he still might visit USC but is still scheduled to visit Cal on Jan. 27 so time is running short. I know USC was surprised he committed to Cal and he keeps his commitment it will probably go down as the biggest loss in recruiting this year.

Q: LambdaChiTrojan said:
What will it take for ‘SC to fire Kevin O’Neill? Haden had a great window last year after Drunkgate, but showed mercy. Will the current five win season and empty Galen seats give him enough reason to make the move?

A: I’m not sure what Pat Haden will do after the season regarding basketball. I don’t think he wants to make a change if possible. Hiring a basketball coach is not his area of expertise, just like Mike Garrett. But I do think if O’Neill returns, next year is the year to perform. And there will not be any excuses with all the eligible transfers and return of Jio Fontan. With all that Pac-12 money, USC would have no excuses for not hiring a big-time coach if it does make a change.

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  • SCTuro

    McCarthy looks like a great talent, but he dosent strike me as the hardest working kid, only 5 sacks for the year seems underachiving.

  • twenty-twenty

    Haden’s recent comments indicate he will not make a coaching change with Basketball. 0-18, 1-17 records are possible with our team. Westphal would be a great choice.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    spudjones, big man dreamin….

  • spedjones

    I’m nothing if not a realist TMOH. I’ve said it for weeks – SC’s not even in the running for McCarthy, who will end up a Bruin.

  • USC Anteater

    If McCarthy visits UCLA he will definitely trip…over Sal Alosi’s leg.

  • carlosb

    OK sPUDjones.. you’re still pissin around with all these McCarthy’s a bRUIN claims.

    You’ve failed to answer the only real pertinent question though.
    When he does not LOI to the bRUINS, you do realize that you have to get lost right?
    It’s simply expected!
    I’ll tell ya what PUD… If McCarthy fails to LOI to the bRUINS, you leave this blog forever! Seriously, not just logging in as a new alias… just a total drop out and never return!
    In return, If McCarthy does actually LOI to your worthless pack of lame football wannabe’s I will, as much as I’d hate to admit it, I will actually come over to your cockroach infested tenement and let your little sister suck my dick! All you’ll need to do is post your address and I’d be there, condom and all. So hopefully McCarthy won’t show up at bRUINland so I don’t have to endure that.. but a bet is a bet and I’d hold up my end of it.. What do you say PUD? Put your little sister where your mouth is!
    Fight On PUDjones..

  • carlosb

    @PUD.. OK, slight change of terms above..
    You wouldn’t have to actually leave, but you become “read only”… because it would be just too cruel, even for me, to actually wish your total entity banished from your iconic heroic Trojans!
    Fight On PUD.