Answer Monday!

Defensive line recruit Ellis McCarthy makes an appearance in this segment of reader questions.

Q: tqt888 said:
What happened with Ellis McCarthy? Based off your feelings, McCarthy was a USC lock. I’m getting tired of losing all of these 5 star recruits from DeAnthony Thomas to Vontaze Burfict to Mante Teo.

A: I know USC thought he was a lock about three weeks ago and he did a complete turnaround with Cal. USC is still contacting him and trying to get him to change his mind. He is also looking at UCLA and some believe that the Bruins are his current No. 2 choice.
It looks like Cal is going to keep defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi so that increases the Bears’ chances of keeping the commitment.
But USC really wanted him. On the other hand, USC did not think Shaq Thompson, who committed to Cal, was ever likely to commit to the Trojans.

Q: dtksr1 said:
Scott, I was going to ask you a harder question concerning the lackadasical attitude of the PAC-12 presidents towards football compared to other conferences, but I am so pissed at hearing top HS candidates, especially McCarthy, committing elewhere to lesser successful & cheaper supported programs, why… is this Armstead situation turning others off or what is it exactly?

A: I’ve heard two theories on McCarthy. One is that McCarthy wants to build something more than join a high-profile program. Another is that Cal was involved with McCarthy sooner than USC. It is hard to criticize USC recruiting too much when you look at Lane Kiffin’s first two recruiting classes. However, one critique I’ve heard is how USC stopped recruiting Marqise Lee, got in very late on Kyle Murphy and did not jump on McCarthy as fast it could have.
Because USC is USC, that doesn’t matter sometimes because Lee always wanted to go to USC. But maybe it hurt with McCarthy.

Q: NOBS said:
Where do you think Nick Holt will wind up? College or NFL? Do you think his firing was justified? (not just the bowl game)

A: I think he might be able to hook on with an NFL team as a position coach. That might be his best bet. He did get an offer from the Rams a few years ago when he returned to USC. But right now, his image needs some rehab so the NFL might be a good place to hide for a couple years.

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  • TrojanPete

    “It looks like Cal is going to keep defensive line coach Tosh Lupoi so that increases the Bears’ chances of keeping the commitment.”

    Well, they didn’t keep him. Washington hired him away and that’s bigger news than news that Arik Armstead has enrolled at Cal. How could Cal let the most important person in their football program go? I wonder how many recruits will soften on Cal now.

  • Mickhooligan

    Apparently, Armstead has enrolled at all 3 of his top choices. With Tosh going to UW now, Armstead will sign with ND, his brother will transfer to Auburn. McCarthy ends up at USC.

  • spedjones

    silly Mickhooligan. McCarthy has never been, nor will he ever be, heading to SC. If not Cal, then UCLA. Sorry.

  • Trojan 70

    Talk about silly Spud old boy – go back to sleep. NO top recruit will ever go to your school. Some one help me off the floor I am laughing so hard. Spud – you said the bruin football team was going to beat USC the last 10 years. Please…

  • spedjones

    LOL. Bookmark this page 70. Let’s revisit come LOI day. Again, if Ellis is a Trojan you’ll never hear from me again. You willing to say the same if Ellis is a Bruin?

  • Trojanfan

    Hey sped.

    Is your info coming from your asshole or the horse’s mouth…idiot….bucket needs to get a hold of you…ouch!!!!!

  • carlosb

    Hey PUD.. That aint the way it works! If Ellis ain’t a bRUIN, you gotta go! Period!
    and If he is, I mean if Ellis McCarthy actually LOI’s to the bRUINS.. like I said in a previous post.. I’ll actually let your sister blow me!
    Fight On PUDjones

  • dtksr1

    Hey Mickhooligan, I would not believe anything from a future “career State employee” who is only on this website because he is miserable & envious.

  • spedjones

    Like I said, clowns – bookmark this page and let’s revisit on LOI day. Now go lick your wounds from last night’s thrashing. That’s the sort of program SUC puts out when it can’t pay its players. CHEAT ON!

  • jack

    In regards to Ellis McCarthy, Arik Armstead, etc. If they don’t want to be apart of the USC football family, and all the great things that go with being a Trojan, then the hell with ’em, they’re not worth it. We need to focus on the players who want to take the field at the Colosseum wearing the Cardinal and Gold. If they want to go to some half ass football programs like FUCLA and CAL, then bon voyage and we’ll see you when SC kicks the crap out of you for the next four years. Enjoys watching us in a BCS bowl game the next four years as well.

  • spedjones

    Haha,what did I tell you? SUC it, sucsters. Ellis to UCLA just like I have been telling you for weeks.

  • ThaiMex

    Sped…EXCELLENT CALL! Typically BRUIN STYLE. In the next day, you’re gonna see Torgan posters everywhere saying THEY REALLY NEVER WANTED McCARTHY ANYWAY! (Just like DeAnthony Thomas and all the others).
    There’s no Grapes, like SOUR GRAPES.
    fite on though LIMBO U!