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USC will host uncommitted recruits Kyle Murphy (offensive tackle), Zach Banner (offensive tackle) and defensive end Aziz Shittu this weekend. The Trojans will also host Florida State commit Dante Fowler Jr. (defensive end) and UCLA commit Hiva Lutui (offensive line).
Shittu is one of the high-profile recruits USC could get simply because of assistant coach Tosh Lupoi’s move from Cal to Washington.

  • spedjones

    I’m usually a Wolfie fan, but he clearly doesn’t understand the ramifications of McCarthy to UCLA. SC is not the fallback for Shittu.

  • Marky Marc

    The ramifications of McCarthy to UCLA is that what looks to be a pretty good player will be stuck on a crappy team. I remember all my UCLA fans bragging to me that they got Odighizuwa, and how it meant the UCLA D line was going to start being aggressive, blah blah. How’d that work out for the team? How these people continue to act like they have any right to brag after 50-0 is beyond me. Legends in their own minds.


    heey pud, 6-8, damn it feels great!

  • spedjones

    since Owa still has 2 more years, we’ll see.

    But what you dopes are missing is that McCarthy is a magnet for other top recruits. In case you haven’t been paying attention for the past 9 months, he and Aziz have ALWAYS been linked. Seymour and McCarthy were talking UCLA before the AA game. I won’t do the full math for you, but you guys are smart enough to figure it out.

  • Ben Factor

    1. Generally correct, spedjones. 2. No one gets them all. 3. The ultimate ramifications regarding McCarthy, as well as Mora, as well as three years of 15 scholarships, are unknown. 4. It’s more likely Shittu will attend Stanford, although he is a guy whose best football-career strategy might be USC. If he’s smart enough that Stanford would be a good choice for him, he must at least be thinking about the football advantages of USC. Same factors are true of Murphy.

  • Bluerhino45

    I remember hearing the same thing about Brian price signing he would bring more talent etc. I will give UCLA credit they have the 21st ranked recruiting class thus far but USC is still ahead of them with sanctions at 19. Scoreboard. The biggest difference is UCLA needs 28 signees to USCs 12. Quality over quantity. Those 12 plus whomever else signs is just to stack on top of our previous top 5 recruiting classes. Like I said though give UCLA credit because they are making progress, but stop comparing yourselves to USC right now it’s a losing battle. Your comparing a Denny’s steak to Ruth crisis, mcdonalds to in and out, Volvo to Mercedez…. It isn’t fair to your own school to make those comparisons. But I do like the hire of Jim mora… He should recruit his dad for the staff… Moras vs the kiffins.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Spot on, Marky Marc! @spedjones: hahahahahha it’s always “we’ll see” with UCLA. Lol.

    Oh yeah, and THIS is the mentality of UCLA football fans:

    spedjones said: Embarrasing as in playing in the first ever PAC 12 championship game or getting hit with the hardest cheating sanctions since SMU? Hmmmm.
    January 17, 2012 3:34 PM

    UCLA fans on this blog are actually proud of their appearance in the Pac-12 championship game thanks to USC being on probation (USC 10-2 UCLA 6-8 and a 50-0 shellacking). The UCLA fans that I know on a personal level are embarrassed. UCLA is a joke. Like these message board geeks. LOL

  • sdbob

    Guys, guys, guys…calm down on the UCLA goings on right now. All of this is an anomaly. Why? Because Mora is ONLY at UCLA to resurrect his pro coaching career. You really think he thinks this job is “His Special” job and feels like he will be retiring from here?
    Look, he made a deal with the devil, DG, that is, to let him have what he needed to get the job done but he will be gone in 3 years either to a new pro job or gone the way Bruins do their coaches.
    So Bruins enjoy your days of warm weather, a bunch of good new recruits and let’s see where your program is in 3 years. I bet it won’t be much different than it is now. As other universities upgrade facilities and training areas UCLA is 1950s with no place to go in that area. Sad but true.