USC did not have any players selected for the Senior Bowl for the first time since 1993.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Probably because 18/22 are returning, eh?
    Oh yeah, how many did UCLA have? Lol.

  • Trojan Conquest

    Senior Bowl seems out of touch, with so many of the best players coming out after their junior years.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Goos point, TC, although Rhett Ellison will likely be paying on Sundays.

  • Buahahahahahahahahahaha so much trojan greatness!!! buahahahahahahahahahaha

  • yah, SUC owns, that is a “goos” point…and what do you think Rhet Ellison will be “paying” for on sundays? Sunday Brunch?

  • NJ Trojan

    Assuming none of the WOs had a chance, here was the list of candidates:

    Carswell, Brandon (2nd FL)
    Coleman, Martin (Reserve LG)
    Ellison, Rhett (1st FB)
    Galippo, Chris (2nd LB)
    Harris, DaJohn (1st DT)
    Horton, Shane (2nd WL)
    Jones, Marshall (Reserve SS)
    Tupou, Christian (1st NT)
    Tyler, Marc (2nd TB)
    Cumming, Ross (2nd FB)
    Pousson, Chris (LS)

  • steve49

    Did Ruinbob answer the question? How many from Fucla? No. Losing Face Ruin? Oh, and there is an available name TrojanRob for when you decide to come into the light and enjoy football with us. We hate to see you suffer so.

  • scidiot

    A combination of how bare PC left the team and fncaa sanctions that allowed players to transfer.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @BruinRob: suddenly your maturity is gone? Didn’t you claim you were moving on from being an immature little pest? Oh yeah, almost forgot, how many UCLA players will be drafted? LOL!!!! Goos point Owns!!!!
    All outta bubble gum.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    i’m surprised that harris, especially, and tupou wouldn’t be invited. ellison and galippo could maybe find themselves with special teams free agent possibilities.

    of course, our best NFL eligible players are juniors and likely first rounders; kalil and perry.

  • Edward

    “how bare PC left the team”??? The 2012 Trojans will have about 15-16 starters that committed to him. Without Kalil, Perry, and Armstead. And next year, barring serious injuries, the Senior Bowl should be loaded with PC recruits.

  • Edward

    BruinRob, why should anyone show you any respect?