I mentioned before that USC (19th) and UCLA (21st) are ranked pretty closely in’s recruiting rankings. So who will finish ahead? Will USC with only 15 scholarships even though the rankings favor more commitments?

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  • TrojamEncore1

    Thats not a fair comparison. As you mention the formula factors in the more commits a school gets. USC can only sign 15.

    Actually I heard that UCLA can only sign 17. Is that correct? So with the formula is calculating their 21st ranking based on the 28 commits they have listed so it is really skewing the their number incorrectly.

    On the other hand USC has only filled 12 of its 15 slots so their 19th ranking is being understate so to speak.

    You get fair comparision in looking at the average star rating of their commits which USC leads the nation at 3.92. UCLA is at 3.0.

  • spedjones

    no, it’s not correct. UCLA will take 25 or so, including a few EEs. There are probably 7 or so guys on the roster who won’t be there much longer for various reasons, so they’ll open spots.

    And the answer, or course, is UCLA will have more points and SC the higher average. Both results influenced by the number of recruits they’re taking. That said, UCLA’s average will jump up as we let some of Rick’s 2* kids go elsewhere.


    Solid post by Sped….accurate and written in an adult manner that promotes both schools. It is nice to finally see a post on this site that actually relates to sports. Maybe we can finally get this blog cleaned up…at times it makes me embarrassed for the people who attended either of these schools.

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    Spedjones is making an attempt to appear civil and logical today. But in all honesty, he’s a clown just like the majority of UCLA trolls. Give him a little bit more time, and he’ll say something ignorant and spiteful towards USC lol.
    As for the rankings, easiest way to put it: if (whatever recruiting site) is judging by quantity then obviously USC will not be ranked very high, and UCLA will be ranked higher. If they are judging by quality, USC will be ranked higher since majority of their recruits will be 4 star, perhaps a couple 5 star (when all is said and done)

  • carlosb

    EFF OFF!
    Fight On!

  • scidiot

    In the Rivals methodology ucla will be higher in total points.
    Ucla could end up 2nd behind the ducks if some players fall right, but likely should shoot for third.

  • Edward

    ucla is down to 26 committs @ Rivals. Havi Lutui is one off their list.

  • spedjones

    there are probably 5-6 that will fall off the list in the next few days. Mainly those from Hawaii and Texas (Lutui’s friends etc.). They’ll be replaced by higher-ranked players (save for Lutui, who would have been a great addition).

    I also predict UCLA will steal Seymour.


    I defend your first post and then you give me this…I’m back in line with everyone else on this blog

  • ProbationU

    Nobody will know until signing day. As a Bruin, it is nice to see Mora working the recruiting trail agressively. Normally there is some flipping back and forth and if SC loses one to UCLA, they claim they never really wanted them and UCLA claims they didn’t qualify academically. Looks like SC has a good shot at former UCLA commit Lutui. Ed O does know how to close. We may get one in return…normal business.

    Class rankings don’t mean a lot. Bruins heavy on O-line recruits as they need to be. Traditionally, O-line recruits have lower star ratings and develop slower and therefore lower the average rating for the class. Ends up boiling down to coaching and will need to wait to see that on the field.

    February 1 should be interesting.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Geez Louise!!! Sped, what where you thinking??? you were thiiiiiiis close to being accepted into the League of Extraordinary Nabobs, and you go and throw it all away with one accurate post!!! we all know dang well the Nabobs, Dummies and Bullies can’t handle the truth!!!

    ah well, alas and alack! your place at the Cadre Round table will still be there on Wed Preferred Plus Night. MAN! so close.

    oh by the way, for kicks, we are making the Preferred Plus gals wear Southern Cal cheerleader outfits next Wed. I’m guessing they could walk right onto the team bus without anyone blinking twice!!

  • Nabob

    Charlie Bucket…I think I’m the only one who still reads (or cares about) what you say. And the only reason I still read what you say is because your posts are so eccentric and stupid that they entertain me (yeah I’m easily entertained lol)
    In other words, you’ve lost all credibility with your rubbish and long rants. Your entertainment value is still there though, but I think only for me.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    spedjones, you have to admit that you post here quite a bit. Do you prefer the “anything goes” way that Wolf runs this blog, as compared to Jon Gold’s style? For all the foul, offensive crap that appears on here, I kind of admire Wolf for allowing everyone to tear into him on a daily basis. Gold would have banned half of us by now, if he was running this blog.

  • dcard1097

    I hope we land Tracy Howard. Word is that his visit went extremely well. If his family can get over the distance factor then I think we have a great shot.

    SpedJones, about your “predictions”…..nobody cares dude lol.
    You love to give yourself a lot of credit for your Ellis McCarthy “prediction” that you’ve been saying “allll along” yada yada, but the only reason he ended up picking UCLA last minute is because Tosh bolted for Washington. What you were predicting was that he’d pick UCLA regardless, which isnt the case.


    Does the fact Ugly Bucket posts more than any other on this SC blog mean he is the king of the blog?– Does uckla getting more bodies than SC mean it is superior to the Trojans?– Or does quality of content count for something.

    As for me, give me the occasional comments from uscmike any day of the week. Now that is quality!

  • spedjones

    Yes, I find Gold’s blog to be boring. I like Wolfie – he is a lot more open to criticism and treats a blog just like a blog. Gold treats his blog like a newspaper.

    Re Seymour, those were not fighting words, just my hunch. I gave you McCarthy news well in advance, but you don’t need to believe me here.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Way to go bRuins… a D+ is a pretty good grade for you guys…lol.
    Fite fite fite though!

  • When it’s said and done UCLA will be in the top 10 on Rivals and top-5 on Scout.

  • Karillo

    “When it’s said and done UCLA will be in the top 10 on Rivals and top-5 on Scout but nowhere in the BCS or AP rankings”


  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Nabob: thank you for your support.

    in fact, i am here not just for the highly intelligent, sometimes smug and condescending, but ultimately superior Bruins, i’m here for you man! and all the Nabobs!

    we have an exciting year coming up!! will Howland and the BRUINS make the NCAA BB tournament?? (yes)

    will Southern Cal make it back the the CWS? (not a chance) will the Bruins? (yes)

    will the Pious Passer have just one bad game, fall behind and be powerless to engineer a comeback, thus sending the troXans into pure agony and the Cadre into full blown rapture?? (oh, you know he will!!!)

  • steve49

    Bucket, when the pious passer has the signature, come from behind game and leads Southern Cal to the NC, will you be a contrite little guy and apologize to all the trojans you have offended repeatedly? Will the Cadre all run off the cliff and drown?
    Good luck with the tourney.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Up early paying attention to Southern Cal again?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Wow, whoever is behind the keyboard of ‘CharIie Bucket’ has some serious issues. What a freak.

    USC 50 ucla 0

  • spedjones

    you’re incorrect dcard. The switch was in place before Ellis even picked the Cal hat at the AA game. Tosh had no impact on the decision. But that’s ok – I wouldn’t expect simpleton SC fans to understand what’s going on out there. Just keep listening to Wolfie – he’ll give you all the news you need to know.

  • Edward

    sped, then it was “daddy wasn’t happy”.