Answer Friday! (Part 2)

In this segment why some top recruits chose other schools over the years instead of USC.

Q: tqt888 said:
What do you think is the main reason why USC has failed to land some of the bigger recruits in recent years (DeAnthony Thomas, Ellis McCarthy, Teo, Burfict, etc)?

A: Every case is different. Burfict was worried his grades prevented him from getting accepted at USC. Te’o’s best friend, Robby Toma, got offered a scholarship to Notre Dame with Te’o. I hear McCarthy’s father, who is a UCLA fan, pretty much wanted him to go there. Thomas remains a mystery no matter what he says now. Something happened late to flip him and I suspect we won’t know until after his college career is over.

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  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    “Something happened late to flip him and I suspect we won’t know untill after his college career is over”

    Sounds to me like Wolf thinks something shady went down.

    Honestly, I wouldnt be surprised. The whole Willie Lyles/Lache Seastrunk scandel says it all. Oregon/Nike are hiding something…

  • SCTuro

    Wolf, and anyone else paying attention.

  • USC Anteater

    Strangely, DeAnthony may be the one recruit on the list who’ll look back on that as a good decision.

  • Greenenvy070

    There’s no “secret” with DeAnthony Thomas. Oregon fans heard through “sources” that DAT was reaching out to Oregon as early as October/November… But it was hard to believe.

    In the end, I suspect that DAT felt that his future at USC was on defense, and Chip sold him on the idea of being an offensive weapon in the spread offense… Which is exactly the way it’s played out.

    Lane admitted his defensive preference for DAT before the Oregon/USC game last November: “We would have looked at him all over, just like we do our guys when they come in and see where he fit best. But he would be a great corner, just like he was in the All-Star game in high school, but there’s no way you leave him over there on defense and not give him the ball on the other side, as you can tell.”

    And even though De’Anthony played cornerback in the Army AA Bowl, he clearly identified himself as a running back during the intro package to the game. I suspect DAT didn’t want to be a part-time offensive player… And he made his decision accordingly.

  • .mownyc

    DAT aka The Black ET, got bought and paid for, why else would anyone wear those hideous unis for 3-4 years ?

  • Trojan Conquest

    I’ve got to go with Greenenvy070. In reality, CB is a better position for him if he wants to play in the NFL. He’ll never last as a RB. And the RB in the NFL has a lot less status then it used to have. I heard some NFL GMs say that you can get a good, even great, RB in the later rounds or not drafted at all. Arian Foster is an example of that. I’m sure this is why Farmer wanted back at WR.

  • Trojan Conquest

    tqt888………and SC can’t get them all. Woods, Lee, Farmer, Dawson, Wittek, Kessler, Pullard, Walker, ect…….Not too shabby!

  • dtksr1

    Conquest you are on it. I have a feeling Lane tried telling him his only shot at the NFL would be DB and that might have turned Thomas off. Then here Chip Kelly with this offense and they say come on up and run the ball all you like… And maybe Thomas wanted to get away from the LA gangs who reportedly had run up against him/his family a few times…

  • Bluerhino45

    Lol why do UCLA fans keep pointing out the guys who didn’t go to USC? Lol they sure as hell didn’t choose UCLA either. But the difference is we got other top recruits. DAT is great but let’s be honest even if he had came how many touches does his skill set give him in our offense? Dude is 165 pounds soaking wet, he can’t take over 10 touches a game or he starts fumbling everywhere. I’m fine with our rbs in rotation DJ Morgans skill set fits what we do he just needs to add 10 pounds

  • uscmike

    What is it about playing CB that does not give DAT a chance to touch the ball? In the Pac-12, QBs throw 30-40 passes a game routinely. With his quickeness, he could easily get a pick-6 or two. The defense gets a shot at catching the pass too.

    He already gets touches as a returner. He would also be on the field more as a CB. He gets limited touches on offense anyway, as a change-of-pace RB (although he sure makes the most of them). He has a history of fumbling.

    CBs make good money in the NFL, certainly more than 3rd down RBs. He is going to last longer on the perimeter of the field. Chip Kelly should do DAT a favor and let him practice and play some CB as well.

    It’s too bad that USC missed out on DAT. Could you imagine him opposite Robey? Split out with Woods, Lee, and Farmer? Is he the best recruit that got away in recent history?

  • NOBS

    Memo to DAT, you still have not won a NC.

  • ThaiMex

    Memo to Dumb$hit….

    He’s a true Freshmen….How many Freshman on the $ucks roster have won an NC??????

    fite on though

  • oregon111

    you guys missed one big reason – playing time

    USC every year has 3 deep at skill positions who can go to the NFL,

    then if you go there and find out you won’t play, you have to sit out a year – and maybe not get to go where you want to play

    college football is all about football, and not about colege

    Burkict gets to play as much as he wants – and act like a jerk – and still gets to play – and live in Scottsdale for the winters – not a bad life for 4 yrs

    DAT gets to play in the spread: RB,slot reciever, kick returns – as a true freshman – and gets to live in the northwest (which is the best place to live)

    also, LA is NOT a college football town – too many other things going on – including Hollywood, Lakers, Dodgers, the beach, etc.

    and lastly, to even ask this kind of question shows a lot of arrogance

  • schammer47

    oregon 111

    You have no idea what in the HELL you are talking about. I enjoyed 4 of the most GLORIOUS YEARS possible for an undergrad college student while attending The University of Southern California. Taking advantage of 8 credits earned each summer, I was able to keep one work day open each week and hit the beautiful relatively WARM WATER Pacific Ocean Shoreline YEAR ROUND.

    Oregon 111, allow me to spell it out for you. An open week day in Eugene, and oregon 111 sits in his closet loping his mule while smoking the Duck School Symbol, a d*mn joint.

    We beat your fuc*ing football team in November in your FRONT YARD despite the fact that one of your reps voted to give our Trojans, for all intense and purposes, a BCS DEATH PENALTY. Your school has SHAME written all love it as does your State.

    USC in the 2013 Rose Bowl game representing the PAC12 Conference would be akin to Speaker Newt Gingrich taking the OATH OFFICE in Jan 2013, both absolutely required to restore the integrity and respect of our Conference and our Nation !!!

    USC ’69, Cum Laude……..
    1 NCAA National Championship, two Heisman Trophies, and the privilege of playing two great athletes, OJ and Al Cowlings, in a 3 on 3 basketball game and sinking the 30th bucket to win.


  • ProbationU

    @schammer47 finds a way to compliment OJ Simpson, Al Cowlings and Newt Gingrich all in one post. Basically, a murderer, a getaway car driver and and adulterer getting hummers in his own driveway while his kids are playing in the yard. May wonders never cease.

    Regarding Bruins pointing to the people that don’t choose SC…I’m with the Trojans on that one. You can’t get them all and what you get has been pretty damn good. No reason to feel sorry for SC. The cupboard is rarely bare. Losing one recruit to Oregon isn’t going to kill you.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    “loping his mule”? that’s a new euphemism for me.