• USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Oregon is handing SC a BCS champeeeenship!!! LaMichael James, Darrin Thomas, now Fat E (Chip Kellie)?!?!
    I feel so ALIVE!!!!!

    Ps. SC was the last (and only) team to beat Chip Kelly at Autzen. AUUUUU-WOOOOOO!!!!!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Chris Petersen to Oregon?

  • jack

    This is a sure sign that the NCAA posse is about to show up in Eugene and wreck shop. Look at the Texas 3…Lache Seastrunk…transfered to Texas Tech…LaMichael James..gone to the NFL…Derron Thomas…gone to the NFL…if all three stayed one more year they would have proibably been declared ineligible for the 2012 season. And now Chippy boy is going to try to take his half ass offense to the NFL just like PC bailed on SC when he went to Seattle. In my humble opinion this both of these moves are and were chickenshit. A true leader would face the music and stay the course no matter what the circumstances.

  • dtksr1

    Where is Phil Knight and his checkbook, duckfans?
    I believe this may be the 2nd time this school year Autzen stadium has gone silent….

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    I’d rather him stay.

    I know we’d beat the Ducks’ ass regardless and I’d rather beat them at their best.

  • calkidd32

    Here’s guessing Phil kni…err…Oregon offers Chris Peterson 3 mil per to get him to leave Boise. I wonder what impact this will have on recruits and current ducks. Bet deanthony is wishing he was a Trojan right about now

  • gilligan

    I am very shocked that Coach Kelly is going to the NFL especially the Bucs. Not sure he’s an NFL type of coach but I would have gone with a more proven NFL coach if I were the Bucs. It is very hard for a college coach to make it in the NFL as a head coach unless they have had experience in the NFL either as a coach or player and Coach Kelly has neither. I could be wrong but I see this being a disaster for both the Bucs and Coach Kelly.
    Anyhoo, this is a big plus for USC b/c they are going to be strong favorites to win the Pac 12 and make it an easier path to the BCS title game. Stanford and UW fans should be excited b/c it looks like the Pac 12 North is a three way race.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Going on Priceline now to book my flight to Miami for BCS natty…

    Charlize, i’ll book my cab ride with you to LAX now in your baby blue bro cab. You still take Neuhisel Niks?

  • carlosb

    He won’t have better speed than the rest of his division in the League!
    He won’t know what hit his trick or treat offensive gimmickry as the League will out scheme him regularly.
    How many zone read QB’s would a team need to get through a full NFL season? LOL
    Good Luck Chip, the Pac was just about to catch up with your scheme, USC already has, the Ncaa has probably caught up with your violations and all I can say is that for your sake, you’d better finalize a BIG salary at Tampa because it’ll be the last major salary you ever earn as a HC.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    hmmm…it appears Southern Cal is running out of potential excuses for NOT winning it all this year!!!

    lets face it, when Bounce Pass Haden put those Heismans on stage with the Pious Passer he basically guaranteed a Heisman and BCS Champeeenship!!!

    anything less than a BCS Champeeenship will be a total collapse and utter failure!!!

    and the Cadre will be there to scatter the pieces!!!


  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    Son Of Charlie Bucket, can you say for us: “SNOZBERRY, WHO’S EVER HEARD OF A SNOZZBERRY?!?!”

  • oregon111

    I am probably the lone Duck fan is who is not devastated…

    Chip cannot bring in talent other than offensive skill players – which is why Ducks have not been winning “national” games (recent Rose Bowl victory came due to a fumble when Wis. was going to score)

    Chip forces out Cliff Harris when he has no one else on the team who can cover receivers

    Ducks will bounce back even better IF IF IF they can pull off a quick fix – and uncle Phil has the checkbook

    the part that sucks is Chip is doing this sh!t just before singing day – F*ck Chip!

    if our “real” field goal kicker can heal up his quad, we will be fine and win the pac12 again

    (also noticed that UCLA is recruiting better)

    and… all the sanction rumors have been dead since Seastrunk transferred – only brought up now since Chip is a carpet bagger

    Oregon football is a brand, it is an image, it is a style of play, it is the kind of football that makes even you guys pay attention

    Oregon will be fine – see you in November

  • TrojanPete

    I agree that Oregon will still be fine. But I question if the next HC will be as aggressive. Forcing Cliff Harris was a must. The guy got busted too many times and was a bonehead and a liability. With the NCAA probing the Ducks, they had to show that they won’t stand for crap anymore. As for him doing this before signing day, when else is he supposed to do this? Wait until after signing day like Dennis Erickson did back in 2003? That would be even worse. January is the only month that he can do this. It’ll be interesting to see if he has success at the next level because his current model as it is will not work there. We’ll see how truly genius he is.

  • USCFaninVA

    This is bad for the Pac-12, although I hear he’s changed his mind?

  • Jethro Sabbath

    (chortle)…what a dork!

  • oregon111

    trojan pete, sources today say he is staying after all,

    after the shock wore off a day later, I have to say that him leaving would not be so bad had he stayed at Oregon 5 years as head coach,

    3 and out just seems way too short – we all know “no such thing as loyalty anymore”, but head coach at a top program is not like delivering pizzas,

    My guess is that he looked at his Oregon buyout, he looked at how little he saved vs how much he could earn at Oregon, and how fast his butt would get kicked out of the NFL – had his offensive schemes and coaching style not produced Ws

    Also, this is just my opinion, but I don’t see NFL players with their money, size and aggression, taking any crap from a guy who is too little and pudgy to ever play any real football

  • carlosb

    111.. “O”prah football is a gimmick! It’s a fluke, It’s no bigger than a pimple on the Pac12’s ass. It’s a couple of seasons of a clever scheme that will be on the way down, with or without the Chipster.

    All legitimate national contenders have done them in during their 15 minutes of fame. They will be known more for their stupid collages of ugly uniform styles and their inability to win their meaningful football matchups. They were fortunate that Wisconsin, handed the Rose Bowl to them. F’n Wisconsin LOL..

    Yes they will be competitive and challenging and will continue to beat up, especially the bottom dwellers, on many teams for quite a while because of their recent recruiting success, but the Pac is on the way up, with coaching staff improvements, and the Ducks will not be the conference juggernaut in this growth.

    USC will handle Oregon down the road, with or without Chip, and Chip knows it. Actually YOU know it, and your above posting is just a statement of denial.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Exactly right, carlosb.