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Whatever USC finishes in recruiting rankings, the Trojans are in a good position to have the highest per-star average even with only 15 scholarships.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Ahh Scottie, now your just rubbing salt into those wounded Bruins…….

    Seriously, all we get from Bruinsnation now is ‘recruiting low life insider’ special’ed’jones and fire and brimstone proclaimer ProbationU?

    In the words of USC great Keyshawn, Commmeee Onnnn Mannnn!

  • spedjones

    what do you mean “even with”? The limited scholarship number makes it more likely they’ll end up with a higher average – much harder to fill 25 spots solely with 4 and 5* guys than it is 15.

  • SCTuro

    Yeah, it’s harder, if you’re the ruins.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    highest quality recruiting class…..yet ANOTHER reason the trOXans are favorites to win it all!!!

    it’s all coming togather for the best season EVER!!!

    for the CLASSY CADRE, that is!!!

    yes indeedy…when the self-proclaimed champeeeen trOXans’ hopes and dreams finally face-plant next season, the Cadre will be here to SCATTER THE PIECES!!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    sped: these trXOans are “in the bubble”…they don’t reckon things the same way the rest of us do!

    e.g., they still think they had a “football dynasty” despite the fact they cannot claim even ONE BCS Champeenship!!! as i have documented here previously, if they had not cheated/choked/4th&1’d, they shouldda-couldda had SIX STRAIGHT!!!

    man, that’s GOTTA sting!

    oh well, alas and alack, the BCS champeeenship will have to remain the trOXans’ White Whale!!! (i know that’s also LJ’s nickname but i’m going for literary analogy here)

  • dtksr1

    A player’s “star rating designation” is the figment of a recruiting service’s imagination-guestimation and does not guarantee anything towards a higher level field of play (college). A big brute on the high school field can easily become silly putty at college level when he’s hit in the mouth or the gut like he has never felt before. Then & only then you will see how he responds & grows. So let’s just tone-down this 4 & 5 star glory.

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    Son Of Charlie Bucket, if you are going to continue making as ass of ourself with these little psychological games you like to play, as least entertain us at the same time by saying “SNOZZBERRY, WHO’S EVER HEARD OF A SNOZZBERRY?!?!?!?”

  • ProbationU

    @Monopoly is over here…..to quote Maxiumus from Gladiator..”the time for honoring yourself will soon be at an end.”

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Hey MasturbationYou, to quote by boy Maxiumus, who’s name you have no reason to spit out your mouth, “Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?”


    Be prepared to be humbled Bruin…

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Sped and Bucket, how are those basketball natl titles working out for ya? You know, since you root for a “basketball” school…. (chortle)

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    I suppose Wolf’s use of “even with” is defensible, given that USC is still getting* highly rated players even though the kids are aware that they would be playing for a team still burdened with sanctions.

    *(Assuming USC actually gets a good haul on signing day.)

  • sdbob

    Hey Dupree??? What sanctions…the bowl sanction is OVER! Oh, you’re talking about the reduced scholarships? Oh yeah so that means that everyone that USC gets probably has an even “HIGHER” chance of playing, why? Because there are less players to play through to start or get in a game. Listen USC used about 47 players a game last season they don’t need a bloated roster so if this is your idea of a sanction…then play on Bruin.
    I expect the Bruins will look like a huge “Powder” blue sea of humanity next season as most of them stand around and never get their unis dirty…and we all know it is really hard to keep those beautiful white ones clean. bwahaaaaa!

  • bushwhite

    just saw on rivals.com USC #1 preseason

    Man that must hurt bruinrob charliebucket thaimax..

    I going for a cold one šŸ™‚

  • bushwhite

    errr..what about UCLA’s ranking?

    oops I forgot no one wants to go to UCLA except ellis mccarthy because his father made him. Ya that’s a great motivation for a player….hahahah

    Fuckin’ UCLA man….

  • Huh Scott, that is only because they have a limited number of scholarships.

    @bushwhite, pre-season rankings don’t mean squat! USC has a whimpy schedule again so they might have another good year by winning 10 games again, after that, USC is done for the following 6 years once the scholie reductions start kicking in – while UCLA will be kicking ass and taking names later.

    UCLA #10 rated recruiting class in the nation while USC is #31 – UCLA the school of first choice.

    Go Bruins!!

  • Bluerhino45

    Oh man…. Lol you UCLA fans… USCs easy schedule? Isn’t it the same for UCLA? What your excuse to not be a top 5 school oh yea your not very good are you? I’ve been hearing since the sanctions came Down USC Is done etc etc… Were still getting big name recruits… Were still winning games…. It’s time to focus on you own program and stop comparing your Vegas and humanitarian bowls to our bcs ones k? Win first talk second

  • sdbob

    Bruin Rob…when you are 6-8 coming out of last season I guess it might be a stretch to see yourself as even a top 25 team.
    By the way…the overs and unders on Mora being at UCLA for 3 years leans heavily to the unders. He is there to resurrect his NFL career not to build your program. Wake up bears and smell the coffee.

  • CPEM


    Let me get this straight: preseason rankings don’t mean squat, but you are celebrating a #10 ranking for a recruiting class? OOOOOOOOOOkkkkkkaaaaaaayyyyy….

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    The one time I try to defend Wolf’s writing, I get accused of being a Bruin!

  • spedjones

    LOL WEB, now you know how I feel. The truth to Wolfie’s post is this: SC will have great talent coming in. Their issue over the next 3 years won’t be talent, but the amount of it. Having 15 rides makes it easier to have a higher average. But let’s not fool ourselves into thinking SC wouldn’t prefer to drop that average slightly if it meant 10 more rides to give.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    This is not the first time you have been accused of that. Trust me, I know.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    @ Jethro: True enough, but I still think it’s funny that sdbob called me a Bruin just because I acknowledged the existence of the sanctions. I guess we are supposed to pretend that they do not exist, like a Soviet official erased from history by a Stalinist purge.

    @ sped, for the most part I think you’re right about that issue, although I seem to recall that over the past few years, USC’s average recruit ranking (whether such rankings are worth anything or not) was often at or near the top of the list, even with more than 15 guys.

  • spedjones

    no doubt. SC’s classes have always been star-studded as of late. I was just pointing out that Wolfie’s use of “even with just 15 rides” was typical Wolfie nonsense.

  • Edward

    @sdbob, the 15 scholie limit is just starting. USC has to be extremely lucky regarding injuries, transfers, grades, early outs to the NFL, new recruits that don’t cut it, etc., or they are in deep trouble. If more than 15 players leave after the 2012-2013 seasons, they can’t make up for them. The Trojans were fairly lucky in 2011 regarding injuries, and, they did not use only 47 players in practice.

  • yes CPEM I am celebrating the “CURRENT” recruiting class – which is “FACTUAL” not some opinion of biased writer or voters that only “SPECULATE” what “might” happen by saying USC will be a top-5 team, solely on their opinion.

  • ojheritagehall

    Out of curiousity where will the Trojans end up on GPA/SAT average for recruits?

  • CPEM


    So the recruit rankings aren’t opinion?