QB Question

Do you think USC can afford to sign a quarterback in its 15-member recruiting class?

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I hear there is this 6’4″ kid in south OC with red hair… People have been comparing him to a machine or something…

  • Flyerz73

    If the coaches believe that he would be a talent upgrade at the position … absolutely!! It’s similar to the situation last year when M Lee was given a shot at WR – why waste the reps on yet another WR when there were already so many on the roster?

  • Ben Factor


    (1) I think you are overestimating the depth problem at wide receiver for 2012, particularly because of the abundance of tight ends. Telfer, for istance, is not much slower than a typical WR (not talking about USC’s sprinter WRs). I think Thomas is also fast and athletic, and Pomee is more of an unknown, but played WR in high school.

    (2) The depth problem at running back is unfortunate, but probably not capable of remedy in this class, outside of DJ from Arizona, who may well pass on USC anyway.

    (3) Whether a quarterback should be taken depends a lot on which other players decide to come to USC. If USC gets all of the current commits, and 6 top OLs, DLs, and CBs, and DJ, a QB might be an unaffordable luxury, depending upon how Kiffin evaluates Miles. However, USC probably won’t get those 6. More will be revealed.

  • marvgoux

    Does the OC QB prospect smoke weed and surf naked?

  • Globe

    Yes, but he’s never had a Big Mac.

  • NOBS

    Marv, THAT QB was last seen riding around in a 1974 Ford Pinto…..green. I think he’s with sPUDs mom.

  • dtksr1

    Good QBs keep their teams in games, bad QBs lose games.If this recruit is superior in smarts & passing to what the program already has, then that is the answer. The QB controls the ball too much to be ignored.

  • Unconditional Sanctions Coming

    Wolfie, don’t be modest! Of course USC can afford to buy, er *cough cough*, sign another QB! Deep pockets have always existed at southern Cal. šŸ˜‰

  • Sam Gilbert

    There’s already rumors that Scroggins will transfer this year. That leaves Wittek and Kessler. Whichever one doesn’t lock up the #2 QB spot may leave next year considering how highly touted they were coming out of high school. So next year that leaves the #1 as either Kessler or Wittek and possibly not one backup.

    So yeah, sign another one.


    Not even a topic of conversation…yes you take a commit from him. Either Wittek or Kessler will be named the starter after this year and the loser of the competition will transfer (probably to ND at this rate) to try to get a starting job somewhere else. They will redshirt this kid next year and let him sit behine the Kessler/Wittek winner for 2 years. When he thinks his time has finally come, then he will be benched in favor of the Baby QB in 2016. FACT!

  • BoscoH

    “Can we afford not to?” (Sorry. Someone had to go Barry Obama with it.)

  • Gutty Lil Bruin

    Agree with “Unconditional Sanctions Coming” You cheating Troxans can buy whatever you need. Our crosstown institution of higher learning will keep its high standards. Unfortunately it will also keep us in complete irrelevence in football for many years to come. I don’t think we will be repeating as southern division champions for many years. We’ll take any of your QB transfers at this point.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    i’ll be off this blog long before the Baby QB gets here, but i will come out of retirement for that occasion!!!!!

    so let it be written, so let it be done!!!!

    goo-goo, ga-ga!!

  • Trojan Conquest

    Not unless they think this kid is the best QB recruit out there.

  • USC needs another QB like NOBS needs another Triple-bacon cheesburger.

  • LanceKiffin

    If only there was a head coach or recruiting coordinator Wolf could ask…

  • carlosb

    Come on PUDjones, why do you have to change up so many times? Do you just like talking to yourself that much?
    Obvously you are, in addition to PUD,
    “unconditional sanctions” and “Gutty Lil Bruin”
    How obvious could you be moron?

  • bushwhite

    does charle bucket need to add another gay porn movie to his collection??


    The only reason Kiffen is talking to this kid is because our recruiting is way off this year and he realizes he blew it with arik armstead so he is try to score a “recruiting day coup” and switch some big time recruit from UW. We have no need to another QB we already have scroggins and wittek and kessler. What are we gonna do with another QB? We have 3 live bodies at RB counting buck allen and he is worried about some QB…

  • marvgoux

    Gotta love that Ford Squinto!

  • gjemilhe

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