Tackle Talk

USC needs offensive tackles for its recruiting class, which means it probably has to get two of the following three tackles: Zach Banner, Kyle Murphy and Andrus Peat. One reason is because the previously committed Max Tuerk and Jordan Simmons project as a guard with some analysts.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    (Cuing Samuel Jackson voice) Check out the big brain on Scottie!

    Ya’ll, if you’re getting actual football knowledge from Scott Wolf, please grab a powder blue pom pom and move to Westwood….

    You ever had a big Kahuna burger? Mmmhuh, this is a Tasty Burger!

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    Jules, our man in Amsterdam.

  • I partied with John DeLorean

    Actually, Jules might have been from Inglewood. Ole Vincent Vega I think was the Amsterdam cat.

  • USC – 714

    USC may sign Kyle Dodson, according the someone on another blog…

  • sureshot

    Only two tackles can play at any given time (unless you’re Jim Harbaugh and you line up five on one play just to mess with the defense) and there are four/five classes of players on any given team. I don’t think USC needs to sign two tackles every single season, especially if they’re getting guys that can slide around the line (and guys like Aundrey Walker). If you really want to secure a spot in the NFL (if you’re not a sure fire 1st rounder like Kalil and Smith) your best bet is versatility. Knowing how to play guard and tackle (or even center for an extra bonus) is worth a lot to many NFL coaches. It means they don’t need to keep too many extra linemen on their roster and they can focus on other positions. Look at Bellicheck… dude loves to line up receivers at corner (Troy Brown/Jullian Edelman) or linebacker at fullback or tight end (Mike Vrabel).

    I’m telling you. Any lineman would do himself a huge favor by learning multiple positions.

  • Huhhhh, sure Scott…are assuming all these guys will commit to USC??? LMAO dream on!!