Jackson Reaction

“I don’t really focus on things like that. I don’t like to focus on how many I’ve scored. I’m just happy we won. It’s been frustrating for everybody for so long.”

— USC forward Garrett Jackson, who scored a career-high 16 points
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  • bushwhite


    Any truth to the “Patrick Hall to RB” rumour I keep reading on Every USC board on the net?

    I thought he was long gone and forgotten about..

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Hey lightening&thunder, get your football questions outta here, this is a basketball blog! Didn’t you hear, we won our first Pac-12 game last night! Me and TKO have been straight boozin since 11pm…..


    With apologies to the Giants’ broadcaster of 1951 when they beat out the Dodgers at the very end:

    The Trojans win a game, the Trojans win a game, the Trojans win a game. Mercy, Lord.