O’Neill Reaction

“I’m glad this streak is over. I’ve been through many and they are hard to deal with. Especially for young people.”

— USC coach Kevin O’Neill after tonight’s 62-45 victory over Utah
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  • UCLA Dynasty

    I know many of you TroBans are going to agree with me on this one. Perhaps you need a better coach if he’s been through “many” losing streaks. Just sayin, perhaps a loudmouth drunk isn’t exactly the hardest working guy in the room.

  • carlosb

    @die nasty,
    If you weren’t our bitch, then what you just said might probably be right.. but since you are our bitch, you are irrellevant!

    So I’ll say it, so that it will at least have proper impact…
    The fact that O’Neil’s experienced “many” losing streaks is an important reason why he should not be our coach.
    The fact that a player on this team is actually being celebrated for a career scoring high of a pitiful 16 pts, could be another reason.
    Fight On

  • gotroy22

    You’re so right carlos. Pat Haden should resign if he doesn’t fire this disgrace to SC athletics. We have high standards and this drunk throwback from UA doesn’t meet them.

  • ProbationU

    Congratulations on ending that embarrassment and yes…you deserve a new coach. I know many of you don’t care about basketball that much, but it still had to be painful. Lord knows as a Bruin football fan…we understand embarrassing..50-0 was hopefully enough to get us headed in a better direction.

    O’Neill clearly isn’t the guy to turn your program around. Haden needs to find new blood.

  • trojan4ever
  • USC Anteater

    And now for a little perspective: http://gantdaily.com/2012/01/29/towson-ends-record-losing-skid-with-victory-over-unc-wilmington/ Fight on! Let’s hear it for TWO IN A ROW! Beat the Cougs!