Wide Receiver Buzz

Wide receiver Nelson Agholor from Tampa, Fla., is on campus today. Right now it looks like he might be a better bet than wide receiver Bryce Treggs, who is committed to Cal but visited USC on Thursday.

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  • J D

    After watching Agholor’s video, I’d take him over any skill player in the country. Amazing.

  • carlosb

    How the hell do you know how it looks Scooter? What site did you read it on?

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Now that SC is irrelevent I’ve been running on the Duck blogs. Just wondering which nickname for Chip Kelly you guys like: Chip-Flop or Chunk Kelly…

    You wouldn’t really understand the smack talk, just two division champs running their jaws at each other. And with the hiring of Jim Mora and our highly ranked recruiting class (don’t worry TroBans, you get our scraps) I imagine UCLA and Oregon will be squaring off in conference championship games for quite awhile.

  • Bluerhino45

    LoL UCLA dynasty did you own a tv set? You must not have cable to watch the games because wow UCLA being the bootleg south division representative does not make them a champion lol… And USC is irrelevant? If being a top 3 ranked team and having the pre season fav for heisman is irrelevant then man I hope were irrelevant every year. Lol where do these UCLA fans cone from… Can’t be in the same city as me.

  • steve49

    dynasty????? Guys, don’t even acknowledge an idiot like that and then he will go away.

    Hey, I saw Son of Charlie Bucket, drinking a pina colada at Trader Vics, and his hair was perfect. Awwwwuuuuuuooo!

  • carlosb

    Die Nasty… 50-00! There’s nothing else to say! So just STFU and beat it bitch!
    Fight On

  • spedjones

    Haha, yes, I guess the odds are better than with Treggs…hard to go lower than 0% chance.

  • thomas_jude

    Now that Mora hired what might be the best group of salesman but by far the worst coaching staff in the Pac 10 I can’t wait to see them underachieve if that’s even possible.
    ucla would be National Champions every year if the damn season didn’t get in the way.