A Two-Fer

The failure of USC to clear Armond Armstead not only cost the Trojans two defensive linemen next season (Armstead and his brother), it now means USC will face Arik Armstead next season and possibly highly regarded safety Shaq Thompson, who might also now commit to the Ducks.

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  • USCfan

    He’s putting himself at risk of injury and putting wear on his body by playing 2 physical sports a year. I don’t think he’ll be that much of a factor

  • jack

    Hey Scotty, how about taking a look outside the box on this deal, which seems to be something you fail to do from time to time. First, SC will only face Armstead and Thompson, if he goes to Oregon, once next year at the Coliseum their Freshman year. I cannot see them being that big of a factor in next years game. For their Sopohmore and Junior years SC skips playing Oregon in the Pac-12 rotation, because they will have Oregon State. Lastly, if these two are all that, they will probably be gone by the time they are Seniors. If they are still around by that time, they probably weren’t all that to begin with. One more thing, don’t forget the fact that Oregon is going to get nailed by the NCAA in the Will E. Lyles case. There is a paper trail from Eugene to Texarkana.

  • NOBS

    Here’s five bucks for a wheel chair.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Don’t forget Ellis McCarthy every year as well. Captain Kiffin has hit rocks and the Concordia is sinking. Every one for themselves as you abandon ship.

  • Edward

    @Jack: They probably will face each other in the CC game in 2012, 2013, and ?. It is puzzling that Oregon is recruiting so well with the allegations so public. Wonder if there will be “get out of jail free” cards for juniors and seniors? Thompson might go there, because their moms are tight @SacBee.

  • thomas_jude

    Lane Kiffin again on the upside of right and wrong, since he got to USC Kiffin has been killing it.
    If sinking is a pre-season #1 with the favorite for the Heisman I’ll go down with the ship all day

  • spedjones

    First of all,Shaquille will go to UW, not Oregon.

    Second, I’m confused by trogans who ask why kids would go to Oregon, which may get sanctioned, instead of SC which WAS AND IS STILL sanctioned. The Lyles thing is a borderline violation. It’s certainly not indicative of a lack of institutional control.

  • Hey Jack, don’t worry about facing Oregon in 2013 and 2014, by that time USC will be lucky to even win 2 games in conference.

    @Edward, you actually think USC will be relevant after 2012? dream on!! buahahahahaha

    SUCsters trying to be spinmasters knowing UCLA is kicking the crap out of them in the recruiting, but hey!! weren’t more than several of you celebrating that “sanctions” was not hurting your program? is the scholarship reduction finally starting to feel more real? and this is just the first year of reductions, can you imagine next year, and the next?…now I will ask you again, do really think USC can win 10 games after the 2012 season?

    Enjoy your 2012 season, pack the coliseum, enjoy tailgating, because your program will be pretty much irrelevant for 6 or 7 years after that. And all the abuse you have dished out to UCLA fans on these blogs over the past 8 years, will come to you ten-fold…of course we all know most of you will disappear from these blogs to avoid the backlash from Bruin fans…

    Yes sir…50-0 was the best thing that ever happened to UCLA in many years – it gave us Mora and his maniac recruiters.

    UCLA is the #1 in Pac-12 Recruiting while USC is #7 even Colorado is ahead of them…”Oh but sanctions won’t hurt recruiting!!” buahahahaha

    After Devin Fuller’s commitment today, UCLA moves up to #8 in the 2012 recruiting class rankings, USC #32…and still more to come – can the Bruins finish in the top-5? I say yes.


  • Edward

    @jones: The kids going to Oregon now, have the advantage of knowing how devastating sanctions were on USC. The relationship with Lyles goes back to when Kelly was a assistant at Oregon. Do some reading on the subject, and tell us it “is a borderline violation”. That’s why I think it is so surprising they are doing so well. But, Oregon will also have that advantage, and will kiss the NCAA’s corrupt ass. USC didn’t expect to get Armstead or Thompson, but will do OK with their 2012 class. Don’t be confused, no one said they should go to USC. Their loss, though.

  • oregon111

    if Oregon goes down for the Willie Lyles thing, then so does half the division 1 teams…

    almost everybody was doing some form of the willie lyles dance

    that is why it is not such a big deal,

    nobody is going to care – except jealous fans of other programs

  • jack

    Hey Bruinslob, how is the dating scene treating you? Are you still dating the one broad who cleans the toilets at Olive Garden? All I know is this. If I got called out as to what a total douche bag I am by a 12 year old, like you did in December, I wouldn’t shoot my mouth off anywhere at anytime. But you a FUCLA fan, so we cannot expect anything less from you. As a matter of fact, when someone mentions you on the FUCLA Blog, most of the response is to tone of what a total loser you are, and you don’t represent a majority of the FUCLA fans, nevermind graduates, because you never went there. Speaking of education, did you ever maneuver through Cerritos JC to get your AA Degree, or are you still working on that one?

  • bushwhite

    Scott, you really have to do something about this blog. Or whoever owns it. I know you say you have no control over anything but I am sure you can make suggestions, at least.

    I didn’t come on here to see a stupidity contest like the one above between UCLA fans and Oregon fans.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Why the hell would USC care about facing these kids??! Bring ’em on! They’ll love Marquise Lee, Robert Woods, Randall Telfer, Xavier Grimble, Curtis McNeal, etc etc etc.
    Barkley for Heisman!

    ps. Bruin Rob, do you seriously think SC fans will care about having a few bad years after we win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP immediately following sanctions!!!??? LOL @ you & UCLA fans!!!! Bahahahahaha mediocre on though…

  • ThaiMex

    13 posts….and not a single…”I guess they were afraid to compete” comment???? Still plenty of SOUR GRAPES to go around though! Just like it was with DAT..(too small/TOO BIG to play 2 sports, didn’t want him/NEED HIM anyway, or those TIMELY “must be Character issues” comments).
    This year Kiffy (and Co.) are being taken out behind the “Wood Shed” for GOOD ONE. It wasn’t that long ago Wife Beater orgeron was also pretty at the recruiting game. My, how the time has passed.
    fite on though!
    BTW…NLOI Day is coming up in just a couple of days…YUP…it’s gonna be G-R-E-A-T!

  • Ibc trojan

    NOBS, everyone else around here is willing to ignore your “wheelchair” comment, but I’m not. You are truly human garbage and I hope to God you are not a Trojan. Based on your manifest lack of education, I feel it is obvious you are not. Those comments have a way of coming back to haunt those who make them. And I am afraid, they will come back to haunt USC as well.

  • USC Owns the Rose BowI

    Way to go, NOBS. Now the Cadre is putting that into their “file” and the first Trojan who gets hurt bad, they will pin it on your bad karma move. You fuc&!ng idiot.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ^Bruin Rob: “I” see you. “I”bc trojan and Owns the Rose Bow”I”…. oh and N”0″BS… and Monopo”I”y… etc etc etc.
    You’re pathetic br0.

    Troll on though!

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    What a bunch of whiny b*tches on this blog. Forget Armstead, dude is all hot air. Watch him roll an ankle on that stupid ass Oregon basketball court!

    Oregon111, UO is the only program caught red handed paying $25,000 for tapes that were 4 years old and proof of tampering with Lache…

  • @SUC owns crap…huh? when did SUC win a national chumpionship?
    @Jackoff, the dating scene is great, banging a different chick every night, what about you? can you still get it up? my guess is NO. As for working on my AA, I don’t need to…I’m financially set, and don’t need to work a day in my life, but I still do it because I have almost 200 people depending on me. douSChebag.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Bahahahahahahahahahahaha @bRuinSlob…. hahahahahahahaha….
    Didn’t you say you’ve been in a steady relationship with a young hotty for some time now? LMAO different chick every night? riiiight.
    …and USC won back-to-back AP natl championships in 2004 and 2005 plus a BCS title (later stripped) plus 3 Heisman trophies (one later stripped).
    So… huh?

    Ps. Different chick every night? what, before or after the hours you spend trolling this blog every day? LOL