Armstead To Oregon

Former USC commit Arik Armstead announced today he will sign with Oregon.

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  • We just got as the #3 QB in the country, Devin Fuller, this guy’s unbelievable…check out the video on this guy, he’s gonna blow your socks off. Don’t hate, congratulate!


    Quite frankly, Scarlett, I don’t give a damn about uckla. However, Oregon worries me

  • jetblack57

    Oregon vs. USC. That’s the real rivalry SC has out west these days. UCLA=afterthought


    I have a feeling the USC vs UCLA rivalry is going to go the way of Texas vs Texas A&M. You ask any Texas grad who their biggest rival is and the will say Oklahoma…but you ask any Texas A&M grad, and they will say Texas. I have a feeling the answer of Oregon is going to become the answer for USC fans as long as UCLA remains a lower tier program

  • Edward

    In 2012 they should play each other twice, 2013-2014 only once.

  • Trojan Conquest

    SCMBA……when was UCLA the number one rival, at least in football? 1967? I’ve always felt Notre Dame is the number one football rivalry.

  • tim warren

    Judging by comments from Trojan fans over time on this blog (I’m not counting comments from Bruin fans), there are more comments about UCLA than there are about Notre Dame/Oregon/everyone else combined ! Who’s the biggest rival again ?

  • USCfan

    @Trojan Conquest

    I agree. I’ve always felt our Num. 1 rival has always been ND

  • Oh hell yeah!!! UCLA #12 on recruiting rankings…USC? #17 — Bruins moving up…trOJans moving down. Oh yeah!! don’t hate, congratulate!!

  • dtksr1

    Armstead said Kelly didn’t bad-mouth other programs. Does that mean Kiffin bad-mouths other programs in his presentations? I don’t think Carroll did that…

  • NOBS

    Who gives a crap? Oregon has how many NCs? Fucla has how many NCs? 1/2. Great. Congrats SlobDusky. Did the QB pass your physical? Bet he did, just like all the other little boys.

  • UCLA Dynasty

    Just to recap elite DT recruits on the West Coast and where they’re going:

    UCLA – 1
    Oregon – 1
    SUC – 0

    Just like Pac 12 championship game appearances.

    You guys are starting to remind me of the Costa Concordia. Wondering when your capatain is going to bail now that you’ve hit the rocks and are taking on water.

  • NOBS

    DickWad DynoDick, you have TWICE as many players. That’s why your score is higher. Grow up. Dream on. 50-0.

  • Trojanfan

    @ ucla dynasty…. you need to stay seated on the porch and win some football games before you can run with the big DOGS….idiot……bucket has something for you….ouch!!!!!

  • UCLA Dynasty

    I love all the personal attacks after I spit some facts at you dummies. You have nothing else left to say other than name calling. Sink On, Concordia!

  • NOBS

    F U DynoDick. You have no facts. You Skew the facts. BTW, NOBODY cares what you think here. Go have a bagel.

  • Karrillo

    Notre Dame is now and always will be USC’s #1 rival.

  • Bluerhino45

    Again UCLA had top 10 recruting classes in 08′ and 09′ and it resulted in nothing much more then a few Mac n cheese bowls… So calm down and base your arguments on results please…. You bruin fans are so delusional, it’s starting to get old… Win first talk second please.

  • BruinRob

    In reading the posts by the SUCsters, I read nothing but envy between the lines. “ND is a bigger rival” buahahaha SUCsters trying to be spinmasters knowing UCLA is kicking the crap out of them in the recruiting, but hey!! weren’t more than several of you celebrating that “sanctions” was not hurting your program? is the scholarship reduction finally starting to feel more real? and this is just the first year of reductions, can you imagine next year, and the next?…now I will ask you again, do really think USC can win 10 games after the 2012 season? Enjoy your 2012 season, pack the coliseum, enjoy tailgating, because your program will be pretty much irrelevant for 6 or 7 years after that. And all the abuse you have dished out to UCLA fans on these blogs over the past 8 years, will come to you ten-fold…of course we all know most of you will disappear from these blogs to avoid the backlash from Bruin fans…

    Yes sir…50-0 was the best thing that ever happened to UCLA in many years – it gave us Mora and his maniac recruiters.

    After Devin Fuller’s commitment today, UCLA moves up to #8 in the 2012 recruiting class rankings, USC #32…and still more to come – can the Bruins finish in the top-5? I say yes.

  • oregon111

    oregon, ucla, cal, stanford all recruiting well…

    Ducks finally sign the big beef,

    Barkley should be crapping his pants right about now,

    you have traditional rivalries & timely/relevant rivalries – right now, Oregon/USC is THE rivalry in the west

    then its Texas/Oklahoma in the cow pooping states,

    big10 is kind of up for grabs & sec changes leadership every year

    winner of Oregon/USC could very well play for NC

  • Edward

    @Robin: 28-14 would have done the job? Where are you going to high school next year?

  • Bluerhino45

    Can UCLA win more then 6 games next year? I say no…. BruinNob keep quite til you win games… Keep celebrating your 50-0 ass whooping and even if USC hurts from the sanctions they still will never become more irrelevant then UCLA has new the passed decade…as of now UCLA is still the JV squad of LA and until that changes in real life you just keep celebrating your off season victories well keep celebrating what happends on the feild.

  • relentlesslypositive

    I agree with the bruin nob. 50-0 was the best thing to happen to UCLAme.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Why the hell would USC care about facing these kids??! Bring ’em on! They’ll love Marquise Lee, Robert Woods, Randall Telfer, Xavier Grimble, Curtis McNeal, etc etc etc. Barkley for Heisman!


    ps. Bruin Rob, do you seriously think SC fans will care about having a few bad years after we win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP immediately following sanctions!!!??? LOL @ you & UCLA fans!!!! Bahahahahaha mediocre on though…

  • Karillo


    I swear I’m not picking a fight or setting you up for a joke.

    I’m just wondering how Oregon fans are taking Chip Kelly’s flirtation with Tampa Bay and if you think he was serious about taking it. People here were never thrilled with Pete Carroll to the NFL rumors that were floating around long before he left. Mostly, I believe because he always truly wanted back to the NFL.

  • oregon111

    Karillo, Duck fans were stunned…

    no warning, no backup plan, right before signing day,

    but now that disaster has been avoided, I will say that Duck fans will wish Chip well at his next job – we just want an orderly transition

    and we want to see a successful head coach stay for more than 3 seasons, too

    the smart money says Phil already has a plan in place