Answer Monday! (Part 2)

Recruiting questions in this segment.

Q: .mownyc said:
If Kiffin signs a QB, would you assume one of the current QB’s is asked to leave or suddenly suffers a career ending injury like a paper cut?

A: I think it’s obvious that if he signed a QB, there would be plenty of speculation over Jesse Scroggins’ future in the program. Actually, there’s been plenty even if USC does not sign a QB. But that’s the obvious candidate because Cody Kessler and Max Wittek are the top candidates to replace Matt Barkley.

Q: SCMBA said:
Same question as always…how many silent commits are there left at this moment? Thanks

A: Right now I know of two. That could change today, however.

Q: spedjones said:
Scottie – your predictions were comical the other day. Thank you. Nor for my question: You’ve made much of this “star average” thing lately to get your readers all riled up. But which would you choose – a high star rating with 15 recruits, or a slightly lower star rating with 25 recruits? For discussion purposes, compare Alabama’s likely class with SC’s.

A: Whether you sign 15 or 25, a recruiting class usually comes down to whether 4-5 players make a siginificant impact. Everyone else tends to be cannon fodder.
I’ll use my own example: Stanford’s 2008 recruiting class featured Andrew Luck, David DeCastro, Jonathan Martin, Chase Thomas and Delano Howell. It was was ranked 50th by
But those five players make it one of the best recruiting classes in the nation in hindsight. So if USC chooses wisely and gets 5 impact players, it doesn’t really matter what the size of the class is. Alabama’s advantage is a greater margin for error with 25 recruits.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Spud jones just got punked by Scottie boy. Boom Roasted…

  • spedjones

    How so? That’s the correct answer. Notice he said “IF”.

    And you gotta love Scottie – he only gave SC a 70% chance of landing Banner but has known along that he’s a silent.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    BUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA spedjones = owned!!!!!

  • Trojanfan

    Hey sped…Bucket said to smile when the flavor changes…..LOL!!!