Answer Monday! (Part 3)

In this segment, a question about hidden impact players.

Q: I DIg Go Go Girls said:
Doesn’t the current situation with the BB program just SCREAM for Haden to pony up and hire a top flight coach? Geez, with someone who can actually recruit and coach, USC would dominate the Pac12 in a year or so since none of the other Pac12 schools are any good and don’t look to be too good in the future.

A: I’m on record that Kevin O’Neill deserves another season. But if a change gets made, someone like Pitt’s Jamie Dixon needs to be hired.

Q: lbt2k said:
It seems like every year ‘SC has an impact player who flies under the radar heading into the seaon.

My question to you: who do you expect to be one of those hidden gems on the current roster that will make a name for himself come kickoff 2012?

A: I’m tempted to go with tight end Junior Pomee, who only practiced about a week last year before he got hurt. But he was very impressive in that period and if he is healthy, I think he could break through this season.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Junior Pomee, the wild man with wild hair will be running wild in the Pac!

  • USC Anteater

    Ahem, anyone seen Pitt play this year? Scott, want to amend that opinion on Jamie Dixon?

  • spedjones

    First of all, Dixon has proven himself a great coach. One bad year doesn’t lessen this. But be real – if Dixon ever coaches in the PAC, it will only be after Howland is gone and it will probably be at UCLA. He’s made it quite clear over the years that he won’t coach against Ben.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Scott Wolf owns spedjones. See here:

    Q: spedjones said:
    Scottie – your predictions were comical the other day. Thank you. Nor for my question: You’ve made much of this “star average” thing lately to get your readers all riled up. But which would you choose – a high star rating with 15 recruits, or a slightly lower star rating with 25 recruits? For discussion purposes, compare Alabama’s likely class with SC’s.

    A: Whether you sign 15 or 25, a recruiting class usually comes down to whether 4-5 players make a significant impact. Everyone else tends to be cannon fodder.
    I’ll use my own example: Stanford’s 2008 recruiting class featured Andrew Luck, David DeCastro, Jonathan Martin, Chase Thomas and Delano Howell. It was was ranked 50th by
    But those five players make it one of the best recruiting classes in the nation in hindsight. So if USC chooses wisely and gets 5 impact players, it doesn’t really matter what the size of the class is. Alabama’s advantage is a greater margin for error with 25 recruits.

    Bahahahahahahaha Wolf is your daddy, spud.

    Troll on though…

  • spedjones

    Why do you find that to be funny? Wolfie answered exactly as he should have – SUC has no margin for error and its star rating means zip. Tell me – who are the 4-5 guys on SUC’s radar this year who will make a difference? Banner? Maybe, assuming he doesn’t get brutalized like he did at the AA game. Simmons? Probably. Seymour? Will he even be a Trogan come Wed????

  • bushwhite

    just when I thought UCLA fans couldn’t get any more stupid then spedjones comes along….

    It must be that fine education you get at the University of Common Little Adults..

    Anyway, scott how quickly do you think Jim L Lessa will get things turned around at that aother “university” in los angeles? Would be nice if they were at least decent and in the top 25 when we pound them to get some BCS points..

  • 13-year Trojan

    Mr. Banner, how does it feel to be a Trojan?!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Sped, wolf owns you. That is all.
    Fight on!

  • Bing

    Q: What do you know about the vacant secondary coach position? I heard that Kiffin wants somebody with NFL coaching experience and that former Trojan and only Thorpe award winner, Mark Carrier is interested.