Answer Tuesday!

As expected, recruiting is the dominant topic today with reader questions.

Q: uscmike said:
There are discussions about revising the bowl eligibility requirement in 2014 to require seven victories, which may end a certain number of low-tier bowl games. As noted by one author: “UCLA has benefitted more than any other school by the 6-6 bowl eligibility rule, earning three bids without a winning record. The Bruins went to bowls in 2007 and 2009 at 6-6 and 2011 at 6-7.” No doubt, the bRuins will be affected if the change is made.

What are your thoughts on the possible revision to bowl eligibility?

A: There are too many bowls and the prestige of going to one is devalued. Seven wins is a good magic number but will the bowls fill all the slots with this formula? I would rather see less bowls, which automatically requires a better record to make it to the postseason.

Q: sureshot said:
Any word on the McNair lawsuit? Any chance that Haden will spring a surprise lawsuit on National LOI Day, giving Kiffin a shocking 25 scholarships to give away?

A: McNair’s legal situation has been fairly quiet. There were rumblings of a possible settlement but nothing’s materialized. Pat Haden will not spring any lawsuits this week.

Q: gilligan said:
Mr. Wolf, greetings and salutations, I have a multipart question, does USC have any silent commits, second, are they offensive or defensive; and final question, do you foresee any of the current commits signing elsewhere? Thanks.

A: I know of two silents, one offense and one defense. Of the current commits, it seems like Pio Vatuvei might be the one who possiby flips.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Great question and TERRIFIC answer Wolfie!!!!
    I feel so ALIVE!!!!

    I mean 6-7…?? (chortle)

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    But Wolf, if the minimum number of wins to become bowl eligible rises to 7, the Bruins would never have won that coveted Eagle Bank Bowl trophy. Que terrible!

  • spedjones

    with 2 known silents, it’s odd that Wolfie didn’t give any recruit a really high percentage of committing last week. Seems like Wolfie is either (i) full of it, or (ii) effing with Trogans to get site hits. Maybe both when you consider he had Treggs as a 60% shot and Banner at 70%.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    I stopped reading after “with 2” sped. Do you write things here knowing that nobody cares to read what you are saying? LOL

    Ps. I see USC ranked #15 with UCLA nowhere to be found! Weird…


  • in sheep’s clothing

    here’s my read and i’m not taking bets.

    the silent(s) could be; nelson algholor, leonard williams, andrus peat, kyle dodson. i think we might get two of the four. we could get kyle murphy but i’m pretty sure he’s not a silent.

    tyriq mccord is no longer a possibility – and shittu is pretty unlikely too.

  • USC – 714

    I would agree that the 2 silents are the Florida guys, Algholor and Williams. They would make an already good class even better. We’ll see tomorrow what happens…