Recruiting Buzz

The word around Heritage Hall tonight is that USC expects to sign at least one receiver: Stefon Diggs or Nelson Agholor. Or if they are lucky. Both.

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  • NOBS

    Not lucky, GOOD.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Agholor will wear cardinal and gold tomorrow..;


  • ThaiMex

    nubsie…did you and your sweet lover (mono….rhymes w/…) kiss and make up? Back to back (spooning?) posts 30 minutes apart. Glad to see you silly boy’s are back together..maybe it won’t be such a COLD WINTER after all!
    No more fite-ing!

  • Jethro Sabbath

    Fred is now studying posting times while he, himself is posting in the wee small hours of the morning,,,,,,,,,,,,,so sad.

  • Yoda

    strange, this obsession remains, hmmm?

    strong the Dark Side is with Jethro, i sense

    like a womp rat, stalking birds eggs on Tatoon he is.

    Thai: spooning they are?

    herh herh herh!

    herh herh herh!!

  • Trojan 70

    Jethro – in your brilliant investigative work on Fred, did you discover if this fellow is maried, has a family etc. You know like normal people? Obviously is totally obsessed with all things USC. Posting at 1:00 AM and then again later with one of his alter ego’s would pass muster in most normal households. Clearly, he has no woman in his life, probably an occasional male lover. His picture on his website just about explains everything doesn’t it? Chortle.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    No, after I posted my findings I considered it a closed case. Now I enjoy the elaborate denial process, especially when Bucket plays the victim card.