• RunTravelerRun

    C.J. Spiller.

  • TrojanPete

    Shakira Thompson. And then he’ll de-commit and re-open his recruiting again before settling back at Cal on the last possible day.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I think on Wednesday we’ll be surprised to learn that Charlize Buckshat is actually a mexican/thai lady boy..

  • collegegame

    How nice it would be to check in here and get some insight to football.

    Is there a running back out there we are trying to flip ? JC back ?

  • huntingtonharvey

    Davonte Neal, AZ or Tracy Howard, FL both CB.

  • dtksr1

    Ellis McCarthy! He may panic in the middle of tonight and realize he will have to answer questions from his pals around Monrovia why SC is winning the conference & Rose Bowl championships while he is stuck in the mud in Westwood watching Dan Guerrero get fatter!

  • bestlakersfan

    Davonte Neal would be great, but I think he is a stretch. Maybe Kyle Doodson? I also think Stefon Diggs would be great, but he is not announcing tomorrow.

  • in sheep’s clothing

    a four-star corner currently committed elsewhere in the conference.