Barry To Chargers

Two thoughts on USC linebackers coach Joe Barry going to the San Diego Chargers. USC obviously wanted Barry to wait until after Signing Day. And Barry’s heart clearly was with the NFL. When he joined Kiffin’s staff, one of the reasons cited was the fear of an NFL lockout, which would cost him financially.

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  • BruinRobsMOM

    Tremendous Wolfie, you are only about a whole day late on this scoop. Thank god My favorite scribe Michael Lev had this news this early afternoon! Jezuz Wolf, you are even more lame than my fucked up son is!

  • ThaiMex

    CLASSY move on the part of southern Cal….Things haven’t really changed much since the days of garrett…Lie, and deny! Fite on
    University of

  • marvgoux

    Scott, you should ask Scott and Jabari how they feel now that their position coach has left. Were they going to go to SC regardless of who the LB coach was or did Joe make a difference? Or are you not allowed access to the players?

  • sam

    Isn’t Norv a lame-duck coach? It’s a risky move.

    But Berry had always wanted to become a cordinator in the NFL. His dream job.
    Sadly his dream crashed hard. Lions’ 0-16 season.

    I guess he just wants to be in the NFL, even though as a position coach.

  • NOBS

    Bring back Nick Holt. He WAS a great LB coach.

  • steve49

    As always the simpleton taimex has something really constructive to say, and @ NOBS^, you wanna rethink that?
    One Nick Holt is enough for a lifetime.

  • “Count” Smackula

    Zis is schveeeeeet shcoopink, Vulfman!!!!

    Vee didn’t hear zese oser details from zee media…only you Vulfman! You are aaaaaall out of zee chewink gum!!!

    Is zis anoser “Tojink for Life”? (I am chortlink)

    AH! AH! AH! (now I am laffink)

  • NOBS

    Not really 49. Holt is a great position coach, below average DC, and horrible HC. (Might be lower as a DC, but he really didn’t have a ton to work with at UW). He got a lot out of our LBs when he was here. i.e. Sartz.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Did you manage to get any sleep between your 12:19 Thaimex and your 8:35 count posts?

  • steve49

    Does anyone know of a USC blog without all these fuclans screwing it up? Perhaps something monitored that weeds out all their stupid envious bullshit?

  • PowderBluePanties

    I saw Willie McGinest on campus a few weeks back… Suit and tie on… you never know…

    Don’t bRuin your life.

  • CPEM

    @steve49: Lev’s USC blog over on the OC Register is a little tighter. But that requires Facebook log-in. Amazing how the lack of anonymity cuts down on the trolls.

  • dtksr1

    Does it really matter who replaces Barry? They will still have to listen to “MONTE” and position his players accordingly. Whoever does come in will get talented players to develope though. The timing of this LB coaching announcement is interesting…