• USC owns the Rose Bowl

    But wolfman… bRuinSlob claims USC did terrible in recruiting this year! LMAO
    and this from an SEC honk:

    Schlabach: USC Benefits Most From Draft Decisions And Recruiting, Sits At No. 1 In Latest 2012 Outlook

    Eat your hearts out Ruin Trolls!
    Mediocre on though, u.c.l.a.


    Wolfie this is not a poll. Its a writer’s opinion, however i tend to agree with him.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Wow, my arrogance bucket just dripped a spot on that baby blue bear skin rug…..

  • Sam Gilbert

    If Alabama and LSU have seasons like they did last year an undefeated USC team that started the season ranked below them still wouldn’t be able to pass them up in the polls.

    Still, USC has to go undefeated and win just about every game convincingly. Close victories v. Oregon and Stanford would be the only exceptions.

    At the end of the season, I’d be satisfied with a Rose Bowl Game victory.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    USC can afford to lose one tough game. Aren’t enough definite powerhouses that will go undefeated to keep a 1-loss USC team out. Especially if SC wins conf title game.

  • sureshot

    @sammy – Bama and LSU play each other, so one of them is going to lose at least once.

  • Oh wow!!! someone thinks USC will be #1!! would that happen to be the author/creator of Bleacher Report?

    LMAO at how some idiots on here get all excited and start masturbating over the opinion of a writer.

    @SUC owns, what does having a good or bad recruiting class have to do with the success or failure of a team in the upcoming season? in this case success, they USC could have been last in recruiting, but they still have the players to win 10 games in the next season…2013? that’s a different story…enjoy your 2012 season, because after that? it’s back to mediocrity as it was in the 1990s, what a phucking moron.

  • 1. USC Trojans
    Just read it…

    Previous rank: 2
    “With nine starters back on offense and defense, including star quarterback Matt Barkley, the Trojans will have a legitimate chance at competing for a BCS national championship. They better do it this coming season, because the effects of NCAA sanctions and scholarship reductions will start being felt in 2013. Even with a smaller recruiting class, USC coach Lane Kiffin was able to add some much-needed help with linebacker Jabari Ruffin and receiver Nelson Agholor. The Trojans were one of the country’s younger teams this past season, with 10 freshmen and sophomores starting. The Trojans will play six home games and six road games this season, including a Sept. 15 road trip to Stanford and a Nov. 3 home game against Oregon.”

    The writer agrees with me.
    “They better do it this coming season, because the effects of NCAA sanctions and scholarship reductions will start being felt in 2013.”

  • Bill

    Who cares about their Daily Trojan ranking?


    Saying the scholarship reductions will be the death of USC is just uneducated and ignorant. USC signed an average of 18 players per season from 2006-2010. The lowest was 17 and the highest was 19. USC signed 18 this class including mid-year enrollees and still has 3 more to offer that can go against this years class. So next season they will be able to offer 18.

  • Bluerhino45

    Fight on don’t pay attention to bruinNob if you ignore him enough he’ll go away real football fans know how Trojans do things per recruting class we all know we take less then 20 scholarships pet season anyway… The article itself said 10 sophomores and freshmen starters which says well be fine in 2013 and beyond… It’s just wishful thinking by a bruin fan/ Trojan hater. Where were the bruins ranked in that poll like 80th?

  • incalos

    USC #1 in Ass Clown fans.
    BruinROB once again with fact & knowledge!

  • NJ Trojan

    Just beat UCLA, beat Notre Dame, and win the Rose Bowl.

  • Ass Clowns better listen to incalos, he is one smart man, he know who is real, and knows who’s delusional…I’m real, SUC fans are delusional.


    6-8, im sure it feels great. UCLA wont make it to a bowl game next season. All that “talent” and still cant put a quality team on the field.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    So… Rob…. why are you looking ahead 2 to 3 years? Afraid of the upcoming year’s Trojans?
    Bahahahahaha CAN’T WAIT to kick y’alls ass and OWN the Rose Bowl once again!!!
    I feel so ALIVE!!!!!!!

  • Sam Gilbert


    I do understand that LSU and Alabama play each other.

    I’m just saying that last season a one-loss Alabama still made it to the NC game over a one-loss Oklahoma State even though Alabama already lost to the team (LSU) it was going to play in the NC game in the regualar season.

    Meanwhile that one-loss Oklahoma State was on the outside looking in as I believe most one-loss Big 12, Pac-12 or Big Ten teams could be as long as the SEC rides it’s current wave of popularity.

    I’m not saying that’s how it should be, just that it is not out of the realm of possibility that a one-loss USC (or Oklahoma or Michigan State for that matter) gets shut out of the NC game over a one-loss Alabama or LSU.

    An undefeated USC team however can’t be ignored… probably.

    F the SEC.

  • Bluerhino45

    BruinNob calling someone dillusional is funny… He’s the Iraqi general who kept claiming USA wasnt in Iraqi territory as a us tank was rolling through right behind him…. His new name is IraqiRob. I’ll explain just 1 more time what’s wrong with the bruins and I’m sure you’ll fire back some dumb statement…. UCLA will continue to struggle because there are no winners on that team… The culture there dosent include competing in practice… The reason they get a few 4 stars and a load of 3 stars is like this…. The 3 stars are just happy to be on a PAC 12 team… They’re not good enough for the USCs stanfords or oregons… The 4 stars want instant playing time they don’t want to fight through 3 guys in practice to start. They’ve had top 10 recruting classes before but the problem is when you don’t have talented leaders to make guys work hard then the “4 stars” do enough to get by and the 3 stars don’t say suit because who the he’ll are they right? UCLA will continue to be a 500. Or worse team until they actualy put together class after class after class after class who will push eachother to get better… That’s the point you’re missing. So please win first… Speak later and I don’t mean win 5 or 6 games… I mean win 10 be a top 25 program at the end of year etc.


    Pre-season polls don’t mean much, however, they are important for positioning. In other words, a cinderella team ranked 20th pre-season probably won’t play for the national title even if it only loses one game, because there are too many teams to climb over.

    So, to be ranked in the Top-5 means teams control their destiny.

  • ZeeCommish

    Well one thing’s for sure….you won’t see them on Sir Nose’Dknows Nothing’s List at #1…..

  • Trojanfan

    Hey bruinrod sounds like you still have buckets dick in your ass….ouch!!!……lol

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ^wow….. this is embarrassing…. this HAS to be someone under the age of 17… I’m done here
    Troll on though…

  • bushwhite

    I gotta admit, this is a great day to be a USC fan.

    Polls have us at #1 this season..the jealous University of Common Little Adults fans are on here posting their usual stupidity (result of the UCLA education), we had a top recruiting class, I just got a bonus at work and I got some cold ones in the fridge and I just saw brooklyn decker on TV in a string bikini….

    sometimes life is good :))

  • Gnossos

    This so called ‘adult’ bRuinRub claims he has children, I pity them, no mature adult rants like this.

  • Bluerhino45

    Wow are u kidding me? It makes perfect sence now this kid has to be 16 at the oldest… No wonder there is no sence of history. Can’t believe I wasted time on responding to an infant…

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @gnossos & bluerhino: yeah, this Rob the Slob character (plus the 50 other handles he’s created) are probably no more than some bored teenager. That, or this guy went to an average school, has an average job and is truly unhappy with his own life.
    It’s pathetic.

  • Sam Gilbert

    Rob went to a local community and is an “independent” real estate agent who once worked for one of the better known agencies. I’ll keep the details out because it would give the college and agency a bad name if people knew he was once associated with them.

    I didn’t see any pictures of a son on his facebook page but as Gnossos stated, Rob claims to have a teen offspring.

    Maybe he had pics of a son in one of his albuns, I just recall him using a creepy pic of him and some UCLA cheerleaders as a profile picture and not looking far beyond it.

    If Rob is the one who’s posting as BruinRob tnen it’s pretty sad. If his teen son took over the account then it shows what kind of father Rob was.

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