Coaching Suggestion

Tim McDonald, the father of safety Tim McDonald, would be a good choice for the secondary position. He tried to get hired by Pete Carroll and has strong recruiting ties to the San Joaquin Valley. And of course, he is a former USC safety himself.

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  • sureshot

    Of course, he owns/operates a restaurant/sports bar in Fresno and just got hired by Fresno State, so I’m not sure he’d accept. But he would make a fine addition to the staff. Dude knows how to coach.

  • malachi crunch5

    Do you even know what you are typing???

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    Ooooh, I know Ronnie Lott, because of course he’d wanna come and coach under Kiff!

  • uscmike

    The lazy journalist strikes again. He joined the staff at Fresno State a month ago.

    Cue Trojans Rewind….

  • Nathan Exp

    If McDonald wanted to he could drop Fresno and join SC in a heartbeat. There would be some karma in that as I heard SDSU hired a strength coach only to have him quit after a week to join Fresno State.

  • sdbob

    Sorry for double posting but I put this under the wrong blog…

    I think Nick Holt would be a very good to great hire.
    1. he is probably pretty humble after his last game.
    2. he is out of work and looking for a job so he would be thankful.
    3. he knows the system and he knows what would be expected of him.
    4. he has a great cadre of LBs that will be at SC for at least two more years so he can really work on them and the game plan needed for them to excel.
    5. he is available and he fits the program well so that LK can spend time on getting a DB and receiver coach.
    Lane…push the button on this one get him into camp and ready to go for spring practice.

  • Bing

    I know for a fact that Mark Carrier wants to come to USC and coach the DB’s. He’s coached the last 4 years with Baltimore and the Jets, and at ASU for 3 years before that, so he is more than qualified to coach at his alma mater. Even with Polamalu, Mays, McDonald (both), and others, Carrier is still the only Jim Thorpe award winner out of USC. There’s 6 larger than life player pics on the wall below Heritage Hall and Carrier is one of them. That should garner instant respect from the current crop of DB’s and future recruits he would be coaching.

  • malachi crunch5

    Tim just took a job at Fresno State, he has two businesses there and is where he’s from.

  • malachi crunch5

    P.S. Do you even read what you write???

  • Skipper

    Bad choice. Been there done that. A little druken incident on the airplane to Florida State back in 1998 has not been forgotten.

  • Skipper

    So sorry. Said coach in question was Dennis Thurman not Tim McDonald. Sorry again for the screw-up on this.

  • Nathan Exp

    Bing, if Carrier wants the job that would be an awesome solution. Honestly, I thought Carrier would be only focusing on D Coordinator opportunities.

  • bushwhite

    I don’t want Nick holt. Seeing anyone’s D give up that much in a bowl game is an automatic DQ. As per old USC guys like Mark Carrier or Kevin Arbet or whoever, just because they played at USC doesn’t mean they can coach.

    Beyond that, just find someone and get them in and working. our pass D was 101st in the nation last year I am not sure this is such a bad thing. Try someone else at LB than barry who was waiting for an NFL team to call him and probably didn’t care. He sure didn’t make Galippo any better.