Jones Reaction

USC guard Maurice Jones, who scored 17 points, admitted frustration from another loss.
“There was a level of frustration a long time ago,” he said. “It feels like a rerun. My spirit is always high though because I’m playing for pride.”

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  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    commendable attitude, young man. especially for being at a school with no pride in their athletic program. Southern Cal is a one-dimensional hack school that specializes in spouting vainglorious dribble.

    but you guys are getting Shazaam Mohommed so that should all change….HAWR-HAWR!!!



  • At least someone has pride on that team…what a shame, such a nice venue, and they can’t attract quality players, besides OJ Mayo, I don’t think they’ve ever signed a McDonald’s All-American…I propose that the Galen Center becomes the Home of the UCLA Bruins for the remainder of the season and USC finishes the season at that dump down the street.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @bRuinSlob, kinda like u.c.l.a. football doesn’t have NCAA All-Americans in football or NFL Hall-of-Famers?
    Don’t worry, at least Mora & co. are “mean and nasty!!” (lmao)
    Troll on though…

  • ThaiMex

    the stench emitting from the non-events center is as consistent as the sun rising and setting every day. It’s a way of life. A crappy SUCks b-ball squad is about as surprising as Rey Malabunga’s next arrest. Shabazz isn’t coming, neither is Dixon. You’re an embarrassment to college athletics. I’m convinced Garrett took a few too many hits to the head, how else do you explain him saying “they are just jealous and wish they were Troxans”. The remarks were so STUPID, he was fired the following week!
    fite on though (and hire a few more asst. football coaches without flavor!)

  • Bill

    You mean Hall of Shamers! There is more on Southern Cal’s Hall of Shamers list than HOF!

    Barkley wasn’t even an All-American!

  • UCLA has four Pro Football Hall of Famers:
    Troy Aikman (2006)
    Tom Fears
    Jimmy Johnson (1994)
    Bob Waterfield[16]

    How many NBA Hall of Famers does USC have? — ZERO

    UCLA has one Heisman Trophy winner: Gary Beban

    How many John Wooden Award Winners or prior to the Wooden Award, “NCAA Player of the year” award winners does USC have? — ZERO

    Who holds the longest winning streak between UCLA and USC? U-C-L-A does 8 straight years 1991-1998

    Which is the only school in Division-1 to have the winner of the player of the year award in all three major sports??? U-C-L-A
    1. Gary Beban in Football
    2. Marques Johnson and Ed O’Bannon won the “Wooden Award” and many Bruin players before that won the national player of the year award – in Basketball.
    3. Trevor Bauer won the “Golden Spike” award last year in Baseball.

    UCLA is known as the Home of Jackie Robinson.
    USC is known as the home of the double murderer O.J. Simpson.
    UCLA is known as the home of the legend John Wooden.
    USC is knows as the home home of Pete the Cheat.

    UCLA has ONE National Title in Football…USC has never won one in Basketball and has not been to a Final-4 in 70 years while UCLA has been to 18 Final-4s and won 11 national Championships, including SEVEN in a row from 1967-1973 including 10 National Championships in 12 years…should I continue? I think this post just blew you trOJenz out of the water, you’ve been knocked out and unconscious, so why beat up a dead “traveler” (((BOOOOOM)))