Off Limits

USC coach Kevin O’Neill told his players to stay away from the Galen Center today to give them a day away from basketball because the Trojans do not play again until Sunday.

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  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I guess we can just close our eyes and pretend like this season isn’t actually happening…

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    The players aren’t the only ones staying away from the Galen Center!

  • oneillwatch

    Maybe the empty Galen Center is part of the problem – the “fair weather fan” disease that seems to run rampant in Los Angeles. Maybe the basketball team would play a little better if they were playing in something more than a brand-new mausoleum. At home. I always thought being a Trojan meant supporting your school – including sports played north of Exposition boulevard. Hope springs eternal.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @WEB, touch
    @oneillwatch, yeah, it’s hard for Los Angeles fans to take time sitting in traffic and paying money to watch a bad team. You can blame the dead atmosphere in the Galen Center only so much. This team is lacking in talent in addition to only 1 or 2 true starters playing due to injuries ending most of our players’ seasons. They definitely wouldn’t have only 1 conference win had Jio Fontan not gone down early in that tourney.
    I’m glad Haden is keeping O’Neill one more season because with eligible transfers and current players back healthy, his defensive mentality alone is enough for SC to be contenders in an average conference.

    Ps. SC isn’t the only LA team that attracts bandwagoners. Have you seen the Rose Bowl, Pauley Pavillion last season, or the Sports Arena this yr? Pretty sure they’ve all been empty last few years…

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Owns, you ignorant slut: your usage of the term touch is completely wrong. you only use touch when you are acknowledging an opponent has outwitted you or countered your argument with a valid or clever point.

    firstly, WEB’s comment was directed at wolf, and secondly, he was not countering wolf’s point, he just made an extremely clever remark.

    maybe i would forgive the ignorance of trOXans considering it is well known Southern Cal is inferior academically to UCLA, but because trOXan have tried (with crashing failure) to actually correct my usage multiple times in the past, i am obliged to school you Assorted Dummies when required!!!

    ugh, i think the Chick-fil-A cows have better writing skillz that you Assorted Dummies!!!

    oh, and by the way, good one, WEB!! good to see that at least a trOXan sympathizer has got game, even if they don’t!!!

  • NOBS

    Bottom line: WE SUCK.

    Sure, injuries and transfers. But for the F’ING coach to keep crying about it? To keep demeaning his team? Are you kidding? That drunk ba$tard has thrown in the towel. Inexcuseable. Even Garrett would have fired that @$$hole…..voice mail or otherwise! Haden is a Pu$$y.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    He outwitted me because for the first time this season I was able to GO to the game. Ironic, really, seeing as his joke seemed to be a humorous response to my attendance.
    Wanna talk some football now? I didn’t come here for a debate on proper use of sayings, grammar, or anything not sports.
    Troll on though…

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Ps. were you too afraid to respond to my point about UCLA fans? I mean, you’re a UCLA fan, right? Also, now I KNOW you’re bRuinBoob. The persona you had on this blog was always strictly nerdy until you put the capital “I” in your name. Now you’re more vulgar like the other handle you use (ThaiMex) and you’re forgetting which uaerbame you’ve signed in with!
    Bottom line, you’re pathetic. Talk to me when your football team wins a BCS game.

    FIGHT ON!!

  • TrojanFamily

    Mr Bucket,

    While your point about the misuse of the word “touche” is accurate, you undermine your argument about academic superiority by being unable to spell the word Trojan correctly. You also undermine your own wit by using a cliched misspelling and attempting to use it as a form of humor. And you undermine your vocabulary skills both by using the well-worn tired “z” at the end of a word rather than the proper “s.”

    You can simply do better. With such a lack of wit as well as a lack of basic spelling ability, you certainly would not have the SAT scores to attend this fine institution.

    I have faith in you though. I’ve seen even the most challenged students succeed with some hard work.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    My comment was not directed at anyone, except perhaps to God, as a cry for mercy.

    The thing is, I am currently working downtown, so I figured I might go to a Thursday night USC basketball game or two this season, since I wouldn’t have to drive across town to do it. But with the team this bad, I just don’t want to spend my limited free time that way.

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    TrojanFamily: as you see for the first time ever, i spelled the word Trojan properly in deference to you (i know how touchy you are). however, i cannot go so far as to use the term touch, because your retort did not rise to that level of efficacy. in fact, i am afraid you missed my point almost entirely.

    tune in tomorrow for Lesson Two: The Use of Irony in the Big Time World of Rough and Tumble Pac 12 Sports Blogging

    whew!! im aaaaaaaaaaaaall outta bubble gum TO-NIGHT!!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    ^It’s too bad your intellect didn’t help you get a better life than this crap on a blog lol geek