Small Tree

A USC official told me last night he believe Lane Kiffin would have a complete coaching staff by the start of spring practice. If past history is a guide, candidates usually break into a few categories: They worked with Monte Kiffin. They worked with Pete Carroll. They have connections to Kiffin’s alma mater, Fresno State.

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  • Marky Marc

    John Lynch for secondary coach, anybody? Sure he went to Stanford, but worked with Monte, SoCal guy, probably would be a good recruiter?

  • rocco

    you “insiders” need to start focusing on those who have been at Fresno State in recent years as new assistant coach hires !

  • .mownyc

    Great, another coach who wants “buddies” instead of adults as coaches.

  • JAG

    Small tree?

    Geez Wolf, if only you could find away to make your blog entries break into two more categories…

  • sureshot

    So what category did Gilmore fit into?

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Carrier given a chance.

  • DixieTrojan

    Not that hard to find candidates.

  • Mattfoster

    Where does John Baxter fall into that category? Must be in the CJ Spiller category!

  • Scotty Wolf

    USC Offical = attendant at soft serve ice cream machine

  • CryWolf

    Will Ferrell – Graduate Assistant
    Bachelor’s degree – Sports Information – USC
    ability to sell anything to recruits

  • NOBS

    Small Tree? Mrs. SlobDusky said that several times on her wedding night! ROFLMAO

    Come to think of it, maybe she said TWIG.

  • Bing

    Nobody at USC has responded to Carrier’s inquiries about the secondary coaching position so I’m guessing that this past history guide is true. Carrier accepted the Secondary coaching position with the Bengals yesterday. Kiffin missed out on somebody who is passionate about USC and would’ve been a great asset in recruiting.