Answer Saturday! (Part 2)

Should Lane Kiffin have signed three more players or keep the scholarships for midyear recruits?

Q: Edward said:
DeVante Wilson is not included in the recruiting services with the EE’s or February signees. Where does he fit in as a recruit?

A: He was included in USC’s official list of early enrollees. He is still recovering from knee surgery so I do not expect much from him next season.

Q: marvgoux said:
Scott,do you think Lane Kiffin make a huge mistake by not formulating a backup plan to settle for some of the decent 3 star recruits that were available this year after he whiffed on five stars Peat, Murphy and Shittu? He said he would save the scholies for next year but what will we do if there are no quality offensive and defensive linemen available as EEs next year?

A: I suspect he will find some JC players to sign but recent history suggests they will not be impact players. It probably would be better if he had signed a couple more high school players. I say this because last year Kiffin took recruits like Charles Burks because he wanted underrated prospects that would end up going to other Pac-12 schools and hurting USC. So I think it would pay off to do the same thing after losing on the five stars.

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  • bushwhite

    Scott —

    What would you say the odds are on the CB from Florida getting approval from the NCAA to play this year?


    sorry his name escapes me right now

  • TrojanPete

    Josh Shaw

  • bushwhite


  • collegegame

    Again Wolf and his grand insight on how to weather the sanctions.This time last year Wolf said it would be 5 years plus before we would be back in a national championship conversation. And yes this years EE’s are second tier players.Scott Starr probably has no future.
    Personally Im betting that our EE’s will be strong.And the staff will pull off a brilliant move.
    Oh ya weren’t there a couple big QB’s in 2011 EE’s ?

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  • Ben Factor

    The devil’s in the details, isn’t it? General conclusions don’t merit a lot of respect.

    On the one hand, it’s reasonable to assert that there will be fewer candidates for early enrollment in February 2013 than for fall enrollment in Summer 2013, and that may reduce the quality of available candidates.

    On the other hand, some fall enrollees, among them Scott Starr, would be taken for Fall enrollment anyway, so that initial reasonable assertion is rebuttable. I believe that Arik Armstrong was also planning to enroll early at USC, back in the day. Moreover, QBs are the most likely position so seek early enrollment, because they have a lot more to learn (Kessler, Wittek); USC will be seeking one or two QBs next year. More important were USC’s particular circumstances this past NSD. Kiffin didn’t leave three spots open by design, but rather because he didn’t have high-quality recruits to fill them. In fact, I think he may have reached a little at the end for Shelton. So Kiffin’s unappealing prospects on NSD rendered moot the possibility of sub-optimal choices next February.

    As to JC players, general rules about quality are soft rules as well. Isiah Wiley finished the year starting at CB, and is the favorite to start next year. Gerald Bowman is considered highly likely to start at USC. And, many of you may have forgotten USC’s all-time JC pick-up, O.J. Simpson. The smartest coaches pick their spots for JC transfers. In addition, not every JC player who wants to enroll early is able to do so–think Bowman again.

    Kiffin stretched for number of recruits in 2011, because that was his best strategy before the sanctions took effect. As you would expect, after the first 15 to 18 recruits in 2011, the quality deteriorated. Look at Alabama’s 2012 class, or at any large class, and you will find the same thing. Kiffin will not be forced to stretch as much during the scholarship reduction years.

    Basically, Coach is ducking and diving in the face of a significant obstacle. He deserves a pretty high grade in recruiting and planning. Scott Wolf is a perfectionist, and nothing in the real world reaches perfection. Not even last year’s UCLA game…

  • N0BS

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  • collegegame

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  • AndyUSC2012

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