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Here’s an early look at the offensive line depth chart.

Q: Trojans Rule said:
Scott, I .know it’s way early yet, but just for kicks, could you give us your projected two deep for the OL for next year? Someone already asked for the DL projections, and it would be fun to see how they project as of now, especially to see where you put the new OL guys and the new DE guys. I have WOODS and UKO starting at DT, and maybe an OL guy moving over to help TAVAI and the other guy at DT. HORTON and KENNARD seem fixed at DE, with a new guy [WILLIAMS?] sliding into the rotation. Many thanx for your insights here.

A: Here’s an early, early offensive line depth chart before freshmen get a chance to win spots:

OT: Aundrey Walker, Zach Banner
OG: Marcus Martin, Jordan Simmons
C: Khaled Holmes, Cyrus Hobbi
OG: John Martinez, Max Tuerk
OT: Kevin Graf, Jordan Simmons

Q: TROJANS32 said:

Someone above said we signed 18 guys– I think we did too, but can only think of the 15 plus SHAW and WILSON. Wonder who I’m missing. Anyway, my question is: I think Bailey and Robey are great, but Bailey will get killed trying to play LB, and, if Robey wants to play pro ball, it’s going to have to be as a WR. Why not move Bailey to Robeys’ spot,let one of our new guys play in place of Dion, and use Nickell as a third wideout, especially in view of the fact that we are so thin at TB,and maybe should get away from the 50/50 run-pass ratio, and make it like 70/30 or more to take advantage of Woods, Lee, Barkley, our tight ends and other receivers like our new guy from Florida, Robey, maybe Farmer etc. What do you think of my idea yourself, Scott, and will you pass it on to Kiff? Thank you..

A: Dion Bailey is a safety/linebacker, not a cornerback. Robey is a good cornerback. His size is an issue but corners are much more valuable in the NFL than receivers, so I would keep him there. I expect USC to pass more than run anyways because Lane Kiffin likes to pass and Matt Barkley is back. Plus there is not a lot of tailback depth. So I think you will see that even without moving Robey.

Q: MRSAM said:

Do you think replacing linebacker and defensive back coaches will hurt USC on the field and in recruiting?

A: It all depends on who they hire. Position coaches don’t need to be superstars but incompetent ones really hurt a program.

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  • Gnossos
  • Ben Factor

    I disagree completely with Scott. From every point of view, USC should get the most capable position coaches and teachers that money can buy. Most USC players aspire to the NFL, and want to learn the best technique from the best teachers. The more the players learn and the faster they learn, the better it is for winning. The opportunity to learn from the best is a recruiting tool, as of course is winning.

    Avoiding incompetence is a poorly conceived hiring objective. It’s inconsistent with excellence. I’m surprised that Scott would write that, because he’s a perfectionist in his expectations of Kiffin and the players. He grades very hard after each game. But not with the position coaches? Why not?