`Best Staff In America’

That was Lane Kiffin’s famous comment when asked two years ago about who he would hire as assisant coaches. Apparently, that means going to North Dakota State and Florida Atlantic for coaches now.

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  • Elite SC

    Wow. Wolf, there is no way that I can comprehend how you have this job.

  • trojaned 66

    It beats the goofy hires Pete made after 2005….


    Wolf is a worthless piece of shit. I honestly think that the bRuin trolls on this site have more credibility than Fatass Wolf. How could you live through life being so pessimistic? Truly pathetic.

  • Unbelievable how some of you readers still think USC pays Scott Wolff…The Daily News pays Scott Wolf, and the Daily News assigned Scott Wolff to cover USC…it’s not Scott’s job to kiss anybody’s ass, it’s Scott’s job to call it as he sees it…morons!

  • carlosb

    Lane has had his eye on the experienced Sanders for a year now and his bio’s full of upside. Hazelton is an up and comer who’s defense won a NC in the lower division. I have a lot of high hopes for these two additions.
    Fight On

  • trojaned 66

    Let’s see…Chip Kelly,who’s done a great job at Oregon ,was an assistant coach at Columbia University,John Hopkins and New Hampshire which we know are football powerhouses.

  • norcaltroy

    BruinRob – you are correct to point Wolf’s legitimate loyalties. But Wolf makes it sound like SC just made a couple of bad (read: unworthy) hires. By other accounts, these are 2 solid coaches with good reputations and experience running Monte’s D. Obviously Wolf knows better.

  • CryWolf

    TJSimers wannabe

  • CryWolf

    a good comparison would be L.A. Times = divsion 1 and the Daily News = JC. not many people outside of SoCal have heard of the Daily News L.A. Times gets the best writers

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    This isn’t acceptable and I’ll keep posting it. I’ve tried emailing Wolf before but that ass-clown does nothing. Maybe embarrassment and humiliation will eventually set in for BruinRob/N0BS.

    N0BS said:
    Speaking of killing yourself, have you heard the REAL story of why Super Mario Danelo killed himself? I read on the internet his secret life as a gay prostitute on Santa Monica Blvd was about to become public. So the dirty little coward took the chicken’s way out! But, I read the male prostitutes on Santa Monica honored him by doing the “Missing Fag” formation as they lined up on Santa Monica Blvd! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!
    February 11, 2012 11:33 PM

    @N0BS (BruinRob), funny how only when people ignore your nonsense and NOBS (with the letter O) talks about your “wife”…suddenly..N0BS (with the number 0) shows up to bash Mario Danelo. It’s not funny, it’s not even sad. It’s beyond pathetic.
    I never hope for anyone to die but if you really did lose a wife to death, I’m glad your sorry ass gets to live with it every day. You’re a worthless piece of shit taking this sports blog way too seriously and you need some social interaction in your life. Walk away and try asking yourself what your purpose is. If its to make UCLA fans look disgusting, you’ve done a fantastic job.

    I’m sure the UCLA student-athletes you cheer on would be proud.

  • Victor

    Saban’s 2011 Defense vs Georgia Southern allowed 21 Points.

    Hazelton’s 2011 Defense vs Georgia Southern allowed 7 points.

    I don’t know about Scott or anyone else, but I’m rather excited about these hires.

  • @moron, USC plays UCLA this week, it’s obvious you got a boner for me, let’s meet and handle busines like two gladiators in the coliseum. You keep linking me with N0BS (zero), after I’ve tole you and N0BS (zero) told you he is not me, and you insist on bashing me on here. Scott Wolf knows it’s not me…whatta ya say big pu$$y? let’s handle it like men, loser leaves Scott’s blog? Under the statues 1 hour before tip-off?

  • Bluerhino45

    Damn I don’t got nothing to do at that time I’ll go watch this go down…hell maybe I’ll take on the winner haha…. Oh man the problem is I’ll prob be the only one who actually shows up so I guess I better just sleep in instead… Anyway back to this original post… Wolf really is getting more and more bitter towards kiffin I’m going to go out on a limb and guess kiffin must have dissed this guy within the last 2 weeks and honestly he runs a fan orriented blog so yes bashing USC and it’s coach is not doing his job… I have a saying “it’s not what you say but how you say it” and I’m sure there is a more journalistic way to express disapproval of a hire… And btw were not talking coordinators but low level assistants I really think you should be putting that in perspective

  • TrojanInMichigan

    Methinks Scott would have been just as snarky had LK hired Chip Kelly as an OC out of New Hampshire.

    On the other hand I have a hard time believing Scott would have been silent or unamused had Kiffin and Haden went big and hired a big time position coach away from another university.

  • CryWolf

    oh no……there goes the #1 ranking

  • Wolf_Fact_Checker

    Keep in mind that Wolf is the guy who bought into Kevin O’Neill hook, line & sinker (even when all of the fan bases and players at his former institutions were proclaiming the guy a disaster), and continues to support him to this day — going so far as to predict an upset win against Cal this weekend.

    Um…. okay, Wolfie. By the way, how’s Spiller looking these days?

    Meanwhile, Hazelton was the Defensive Coordinator for the top scoring defense in Div. I-AA, and Sanders was the DB coach for Nebraska’s dominant secondary in 2010.

    But, I guess no good coaches ever come from small schools. COUGH, Harbaugh, COUGH, Tressel, COUGH, Chip Kelly.

    Then again, based on statements alone, pretty safe to say that Wolfie would have taken Kevin O’Neill over Harbaugh, Tressel or Kelly.

  • huntingtonharvey

    If Kiffin would have made a big hire Wolf would have roasted him for having to bring in a big gun just like he did when Sark brought in Lupoi.

  • jack

    People, please forgive Scotty for his less than cheerful attitude towards these new hires, it’s the time of the month for him. I find it amazing that a “journalist” who has no idea whatsoever about these two new coaches can make a snap judgement as to their coaching/recruiting acumen without giving them a year to see how they integrate themselves with the USC football program.
    Lastly Scotty, there is nothing in this world more pathetic than an old queen, and that’s exactly what you are. All you do is spend your time coming up with things to bitch about as to the USC football program. Let me guess, next season, USC can go 14-0, win every game by at least 17 points, win the BCS National Championship, and you’ll more than likely find something to bitch about. God, your life is pathetic.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    queue up, Trojan Rewind (a.k.a. Scott Wolf)…

  • carlosb

    Interesting that Hazelton’s defenses were successful against the Chip Kelly’s offenses at New Hamp.
    It’s nice to know that part of your defense is well schooled against one of your major conference competitors. Can you just imagine his “opening up” his personal defensive playbook, with the level of players he’s going to be coaching here? I am excited about this new hire.. actually both of these two defensive hires!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Geez Louise!! you know, there is such a thing as being “big enough to take a few jabs”. this normally goes hand in hand with being very succussful and having confidence in your standing.

    clearly, Southern Cal suffers from an ENORMOUS inferiority complex!! and this despite the fact they claim go be a “BCS Champion-less Dynasty”!!!

    i guess this is what happens when you choke/cheat/4th&1 your way to LOSING SIX STRAIGHT BCS CHAMPEEEENSHIPS!!!

    but don’t take it out on the wolfman, fellas!! he makes one little funny remark and yu thin-skinned trOXans fall apart in sections like tangerines!!!!

    you keep ooooooon scooopin’ wolfman!!!!


    Inferiority complex??? Us??? That, my friend, would be the baby blue bRuins

  • CPEM

    And then there’s Lev’s USC blog:

    “The skeptics among you are wondering this morning how Lane Kiffin could hire an FCS coach to work at USC. Its absolutely true that new linebackers coach Scottie Hazelton has no experience above that level. Its also absolutely foolish to dismiss his abilities for that reason.

    I have no idea whether Hazelton is in Kellys league as a coach. (I frankly never had heard of him before Sunday.) But its worth examining what Hazelton did as North Dakota States defensive coordinator last season:

    Hazelton clearly knows how to coach. He obviously didnt recruit the same type of players USC does while at North Dakota State, Michigan Tech, Missouri Southern State or St. Olaf College. But do you think Kiffin would have hired him if he thought Hazelton would be a liability in that area?”

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    You are here Charlie Bucket. That says it all.
    Fight on!

  • in sheep’s clothing

    that’s an interesting tidbit re: hazelton’s record v kelly at that level. does that league/division play mostly wide-open(spread, multi-receiver) type offenses? not unlike the pac as a whole. our conference and non-conference sked in 2012 replete with those type of offenses. interesting to see how that develops.

    as an aside – is there absolutely no way to get banned from this site? bruinrob has to go. that fag can say anything, threaten folks and still gets to post here. what he’s posting would suggest an escalation, clearly.

  • LanceKiffin

    Too bad Wolf wasn’t around when Don Clark hired a high school coach out of Carpenteria, I could only imagine what he would have said about that one.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Here’s more of his work.

    N0BS said:
    How did recruiting go for our Cliff Diving Team? After that slight miscalculation by Mario “the Screaming Eagle” Danelo, we seem to have lost our recruiting edge! So I think we should do a Mario Danelo “Headless” Bobble Night! Get it? The Bobble has his head bashed off like the real little piece of shit Super Mario!
    February 2, 2012 9:55 PM

  • AndyUSC2012

    Post your adress so i can go to your house and show you the headless bobble head idea i have for your dead as dog shit wife NOBS.
    Wolf you sound like an idiot. Would u rather Kiffin hire “big names” that have no experience with the TAMPA 2 defense? You are so out of touch its a wonder you continue to collect a pay check.