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With three home games left, it is getting difficult to find another victory on USC’s basketball schedule. The Trojans’ best chance might today when they host Stanford at the Galen Center at 4:30 p.m.
Why? Stanford are in a late-season swoon with five losses in their past six games.

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  • marvgoux

    Remember when Mike Montgomery was hanging around SC games a few years ago with nothing to do? Imagine if we had hired him when we had the chance…instead we have Larry David making SC mens basketball into a bad sitcom.

  • uscmike

    What more could Montgomery do with the remnants of this roster? Achieve one or two more wins than O’Neill? Was it O’Neill’s fault that recruits that would be juniors were long ago released from their LOIs? I realize Coach Larry David is not the ideal coach, but no coach would succeed with this squad.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    This is unacceptable and has to continue being seen:

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    February 11, 2012 11:33 PM

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    If its to make UCLA fans look disgusting, you’ve done a fantastic job.

    I’m sure the UCLA student-athletes you cheer on would be proud.

  • N0BS

    MORON: Wah! Pussy! If you little pussies can’t take, don’t dish it out!! HAHHAHAHAHAHAH!! I love to hear sissies crying! Poor Super Mario!! GAME OVER!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Get a life man. You spend too much time commenting under 10 different usernames. Don’t you have some random women’s sport to root the bRuins on for? I mean you brag about their natl titles yet NEVER talk about the games…… weird.

    Ps. Low-life on though…

  • marvgoux

    Montgomery has won 20 games three of his first four years with marginal talent like nationally unranked guard Jorge Gutierrez. He’s a excellent teacher, a hard worker, has a wealth of knowledge, is a commanding figure like PC and is great with the media, which is just what SC needs. Instead we have a drunk, foulmouthed baldheaded clown who created a player mutiny at the last school he coached. Why would you defend this loser?

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Gotta agree with Goux. Love KO’s defensive mentality but he doesn’t seem to inspire players and is constantly bitching and moaning so loudly. Meh.

  • @moron – F U mother effing worthless piece of dog $hyt! N0BS (with a zero) has informed you in the past that he is not me….you little pansie! I don’t give a rat’s ass if you believe me or not. what happened to Danelo is a horrible event for his family, and I would make fun of it, but if someone else chooses to it’s not my place to condone it or rebuke it. so once again F U.

  • uscmike

    I am not defending O’Neill. Sure, I would take Montgomery over him. However, I was just pointing out that no coach would be successful with this depleted roster, including Montgomery.

    O’Neill has worn out his welcome for every team he has coached. He will no doubt wear out his welcome at USC, as well; although Haden is giving him a free pass for this season.

  • SUC owns, what’s your problem dude? I told moron, in a previous post, now I’m gonna tell YOU N0BS (zero) is NOT ME. I would not make such commentary about anybody’s death regardless of how much I may despise that individual…this is the last time I will defend myself regarding this ridiculous accusation of N0BS being me. And whoever N0BS is, please make it clear to these morons that you are not me. Thanks.

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, you ARE Zero.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Funny, whenever NOBS makes fun of your wife… N0BS shows up. Why would some random person come defend your sorry ass? LOL, you wish.
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  • You call that “defending me”? – you’re weird.

  • BruinRob

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  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    I literally defended him? not figuratively? Idiot. I’ve called out NOBS for being an immature jackass like yourself several times. Get a life.