Sanders Hired

Former Nebraska secondary coach Marvin Sanders accepted a similar position with USC, according to sources. Sanders left Nebraska under strained circumstances last year, which were apparently not an issue for Lane Kiffin, who nearly hired Sanders during last season when Willie Mack Garza was fired.

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  • carlosb

    Tremendous hire! He will flourish here and then be in line to replace Monte asap!
    Fight the hell On!

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    This isn’t acceptable and I’ll keep posting it. I’ve tried emailing Wolf but that ass-clown does nothing. Maybe embarrassment and humiliation will eventually set in.

    N0BS said:
    Speaking of killing yourself, have you heard the REAL story of why Super Mario Danelo killed himself?
    I read on the internet his secret life as a gay prostitute on Santa Monica Blvd was about to become public. So the dirty little coward took the chicken’s way out!
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    February 11, 2012 11:33 PM

    @N0BS (BruinRob), funny how only when people ignore your nonsense and NOBS (with the letter O) talks about your “wife”…suddenly..N0BS (with the number 0) shows up to bash Mario Danelo. It’s not funny, it’s not even sad. It’s beyond pathetic. I never hope for anyone to die but if you really did lose a wife to death, I’m glad your sorry ass gets to live with it every day. You’re a worthless piece of shit taking this sports blog way too seriously and you need some social interaction in your life. Walk away and try asking yourself what your purpose is. If its to make UCLA fans look disgusting, you’ve done a fantastic job.

    I’m sure the UCLA student-athletes you cheer on would be proud.

  • Edward

    Anyone wanting to get a message to Scott Wolf, flood the board on the “Open Forum” segment.

  • Trojan Conquest

    This site is a joke. If you want to complain, go to Wolf’s boss. Seriously, this site is an embarrassment.

  • bushwhite

    1. Can he fix our 101st rated pass Defense? Can’t get much worse.

    2. I agree with above post. Some of the stuff on this board (the majority coming from UCLA Fans) is way out of line, i sure hope there are no minors reading any of it. You might want to do something scott before some angry mom from Iowa sues you because her son learned inapporpriate things on here..

  • ThaiMex

    “BRUIN ROB IS A MORON” needs to be BANNED PERMANENTLY from this site. He sounds like that JACKASS LAWYER JOHN…who believes if it comes out of the FILTHY mouth of SUCks SUPPORTER…it really is o.k., but holds the anti SUCks posters to some other absurd standards. The guy (actually , both of them, though they’re probably the same poster) is a piece of crap.
    fite on though! weh, weh, weh, weh, weh!