Offer U.

USC offered a scholarship to tailback Justin Davis of Stockton, who is ranked one of the nation’s top 100 players (48th) for 2013 by The Trojans also offered QB Max Browne of Sammamish, Wash., ranked the No. 8 player in the nation.

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  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    This isn’t acceptable and I’ll keep posting it. I’ve tried emailing Wolf before but that ass-clown does nothing. Maybe embarrassment and humiliation will eventually set in for BruinRob/N0BS.

    N0BS said:
    Speaking of killing yourself, have you heard the REAL story of why Super Mario Danelo killed himself? I read on the internet his secret life as a gay prostitute on Santa Monica Blvd was about to become public. So the dirty little coward took the chicken’s way out! But, I read the male prostitutes on Santa Monica honored him by doing the “Missing Fag” formation as they lined up on Santa Monica Blvd! HAHAHAHAHAHAH!
    February 11, 2012 11:33 PM

    @N0BS (BruinRob), funny how only when people ignore your nonsense and NOBS (with the letter O) talks about your “wife”…suddenly..N0BS (with the number 0) shows up to bash Mario Danelo. It’s not funny, it’s not even sad. It’s beyond pathetic.
    I never hope for anyone to die but if you really did lose a wife to death, I’m glad your sorry ass gets to live with it every day. You’re a worthless piece of shit taking this sports blog way too seriously and you need some social interaction in your life. Walk away and try asking yourself what your purpose is. If its to make UCLA fans look disgusting, you’ve done a fantastic job.

    I’m sure the UCLA student-athletes you cheer on would be proud.

  • Bruin Rob is a Moron

    Here’s more of his work.

    N0BS said:
    How did recruiting go for our Cliff Diving Team? After that slight miscalculation by Mario “the Screaming Eagle” Danelo, we seem to have lost our recruiting edge! So I think we should do a Mario Danelo “Headless” Bobble Night! Get it? The Bobble has his head bashed off like the real little piece of shit Super Mario!
    February 2, 2012 9:55 PM

  • .mownyc

    Give it a rest already, everyone knows bruin rob is a douche, move on already.

  • Gnossos


  • Bluerhino45

    I have to agree with BR is a M here honestly smack talk is fine but talking about a tragedy like that for whatever the reason is a bit much. I understand people can get away with saying whatever on the Internet and get away with it because they don’t have to show their faces but come on what’s really the point in talking about the death of a teenager. I have a son and you best believe if I read someone writing this crap on a website I’d beat down wolfs door to find out who this person is and show up with a baseball bat and a nut cracker.

    But at the same time I understand this guy literally gets off by antagonizing the daily readers of this blog and by continuing to post his fine work up your just giving him more credit… That being said

    Step up Wolf

  • Trojan Conquest

    Phil MIckelson is suing to find out the identity of an idiot who repeatedly posted false crap about him and his wife. So it’s possible that Delano’s family could sue the idiots who keep putting this crap out. I’d love it.

  • How does Scott Wolf keep his job?

    “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”


    I’m fine with BruinRob making his disgusting comments, as well as BR is a M pointing out that BruinRob is a troglodyte. BruinRob only continues to prove that he’s a petty, hateful individual. His comments only speak to his character, rather than of whom he speaks.

    And just think what little he actually has in his life if it consists of making up characters in his pathetic life (ex-wife, children, girlfriends, etc.) while he spends an inordinate amount of time on this website.

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    I could be wrong, but I’ve never believed that BruinRob is the one posting that Danelo stuff.

  • dcard1097

    I actually agree with “Bruin Rob is a Moron”…..a lot of people share his disgust with this N0BS guy, and yeah if people from the Danelo family see it, who knows, some law suits could be possible.
    No to mention, karma is a bitch…so basically, the next time something exremely unfortunate happens to “N0BS”…I’m sure he will trace it back to this.


    Actually, I would be more worried about the Danelo family learning of this internet garbage about their son (unlikely perhaps), finding out the identity and contact information of the culprit (we can all be found out), and then taking matters into their own hands.

  • Karillo

    .mownyc with a period before the “m” is a Bruin troll. And now he’s asking people to stop reposting over-the-line commnets from BruinRob. Just sayin’

  • just as I find it appalling for NOBS to speak of my dead wife the way he does, I find it distasteful for N0BS to make similar comments about Danelo, I would never do that about anybody’s loved one. WEB thank you you are correct it dials not me posting that garbage. Moron F U a$$hole.

  • NOBS

    Poor old SlobDusky. Crying about his lying dead wife. What a bull $h!tter. Loved one? Hell, if true she’d be a loved one to every Trojan alive. What a woman…..even did her kids. WEBfoot, you are sooooo wrong. This guy SlobDusky is a douchebag. PERIOD

  • USC – 714

    Scott Wolf, stop pretending like you do not read these comments, because we all know that you do. Get rid of the shitheads, because they are making your blog a joke. And your blog, in case you didnt realize, is a reflection of your professional career.

    And LAWYER JOHN is right, anybody can be found out, like N0BS, and for his sake, hopefully nobody from the Danelo family is reading his garbage.

  • wrong

    Continuing to post and reply and getting all worked up over insensitive musings will only feed the behavior (as well as Wolf’s image as a national enquirer like journalist seeking attention no matter the consequences).

    Why would Wolf want to eliminate any of the drama in his comments sections? It helps bring attention to his site and him. For all practical purposes, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s him logging in as alternative versions of his readers in order to mock you all in some sick form of fun.

    Get over it. Ignore it. Give the blog an occasional skim. And wait for newsworthy material and/or perspective to be delivered. Until then…

  • carlosb

    @wrong.. If you are looking for newsworthy material and/or perspective.. try
    No bullshit there, compared to this cesspool.

  • Trojan 70

    Carlosb is correct. Thew real USC blog in town is Michael Lev’s with the OCR. This is an absolute toilet bowl.

  • ftfo2009

    BruinRob likes to masturbate by sticking carrots up his butt while listening to Justin Bieber and using his own tears as lube

  • NOBS, STFU you effing jackass, “loved one” meaning when someone in YOUR family passes…you cold blooded asshole, I would love for you to show to tomorrow’s game one hour before tip-off under the statues at the coliseum and talk all the shit you do about my wife…I would love that VERY much, so I can beat your ass to a pulp, you fat ass mother effer…but you won’t cuz you’re a pu$$y.
    @ftfo2009, carrots? nothing compared to tyrone’s 14 incher up your a$$ in your gay jacuzzi parties with NOBS, moron boscoH, trOJan70, “how does”, and Tyrone of course…you flaming queen.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl