Stat Of The Day

Former USC forward Leonard Washington averages 12.9 points and 6.8 rebounds as a redshirt junior at Wyoming.

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    My favorite memory of Leonard Washington was when he nut-checked Blake Griffin when SC was on the road @ Oklahoma. Hahaha it was terrible and I don’t condone it but man was it hilarious lmao..

  • uscmike

    Washington was kicked out of the game, and USC lost by a point. Stupid move by the freshman. It is no wonder that USC cut ties with him.


    I would rather have Washington than Joshua Smith who can’t get his overweight arse off the bench!


  • ucla-of-the-rockies

    Stats of the Day:
    6 wins, 20 losses (just what in the name of hoops are you trying to accomplish here?)
    Defending Pac-12 South Football Champs: Wow, that must really hurt.
    Capital One Sports Success Rankings for Feb: UCLA men & women both Top 5 (better than SUC is each poll).
    Number of disgraced Heismans: 2 (OJ & Bush).
    Halftime score come Wednesday night: 50-0?

    Cheat On!

  • ftfo2009

    Hey retard, so you’re saying we have more disgraced heismans than you have….heismans? Keep holding unto that 1967.

    For the record, I’d rather lose every single basketball game, than lose a single football game 50-0. Not even remotely joking.


    Losing a football game 50-0 to a team on probation (and w/ a bowl ban) is far more embarrassing than being the worst basketball team in the conference due to (nearly) the entire starting lineup being out due to injury.

    UCLA is a basketball school right? So they’ll win a natty this year? Will they even make the tourney?! LOL

    NIT on!


    and GREAT point, ftfo2009!

    we have MORE “disgraced” Heisman Trophies than FUCLA has Heisman Trophies! Ha!

    Oh yeah, that “basketball school” across town (across the street), how are they doing?

    Sweet Sixteen material? Elite Eight?

    We know what’ll happen if they were good enough to make the FINAL FOUR… they’ll choke like the LAST 3 UCLA teams did that made it!

    NIT on though…