Answer Wednesday! (Part 2)

Monte Kiffin defending the spread and defensive tackle depth are depth are topics here.

Q: Sam Gilbert said:
I know you don’t give the name of the Fat Booster but can you tell us a little about him and/or his relationship with the university? Things such as: Is he a recognizable name or just some unknown rich car dealer, what type of access did he have to the players/facilities and how did he get it, what type of relationship did he have with Ceasar, Mike Garrett, Pat Hayden and then-Offenive Coordinator Lane Kiffin and could he take Sam Gilbert and Buddy Garrity in the octagon?

A: He was not a well-known guy to the public but spent a lot of time around the program and athletic dept. and always went on road trips. Everyone spoke to Caesar so they were cordial. He was not close to Pat Haden but was close to Steve Sarkisian and knew Mike Garrett well. He famously attended Washington’s spring game instead of USC’s a couple years ago. He is not present on the sidelines any more because of the NCAA sanctions.

Do you think that by this time, Monte has learned how to defend against the spread as well as anybody, or do you think he still has a ways to go? Thanx, Scott, and thanx for the forums too.

A: He still has a ways to go. I don’t think USC defended Oregon all that great. Darron Thomas was erratic in that game and LaMichael James’ arm injury was a factor. But he does have better athletes now to defend it so I don’t consider it a huge liability like in 2010. But I do think good spread teams will continue to cause problems for him. He’s just used to pro-style offenses. And the other issue I have is a lack of blitzing (against offenses in general) because I think sometimes USC is too passive.

Q: zweigj said:
SW: Does the coaching staff expect some of the young players on the DL to be able to provide it with quality playing time? There are a lot of players there, but most are unproven. Do you think they’d consider moving to a 3-4 in order to get the best or most experienced players on the field?

A: I think they will rely heavily on younger players. I have George Uko and J.R. Tavai as the starting tackles right now. I also think Morgan Breslin will get moved inside in some situations to add depth to the line, especially if there are any injuries. I think USC will move a linebacker up to rush end before it switches to a 3-4.

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  • carlosb

    Speaking of Breslin… get a load of this short video.. the guy looks like a f’n starving dog going after your sandwich!
    I don’t know if he’s big enough to move inside, but he sure has some motor and quicks..