Martin Critical Of Kiffin

Here is what new USC wide receivers coach Tee Martin, who played at Tennessee, wrote in a Sporting News column on Lane Kiffin’s departure two years ago:
“Frankly, I’m embarrassed by the timing of it all. Lane Kiffin was hired to do a job for the University of Tennessee. He wanted everyone to buy into what he was selling, and then he left after one year.
“Lane is a West Coast guy. I don’t think he was ever at Tennessee 100 percent,” Martin wrote. “He used to coach at USC, he knows the players USC recruits and he is familiar with the high school coaches there in Los Angeles. So it doesn’t really surprise me that he would leave for USC. It’s the timing of it.”
Full column here.

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  • Ex-Cop

    All true. Kiffin clearly wasn’t at TN because it was his dream job. USC was. So what? Can’t fault Martin for what he said.

    Is the point that the two can’t work together? That Martin is a hypocrite? BS. But of course don’t let that stop you from referring to this EVERY TIME YOU WRITE ABOUT MARTIN for the rest of his tenure at USC.

    Martin was right to speak his mind and it’s encouraging to see that Kiffin isn’t dissuaded from a potential good hire for something silly like a criticism. I think if the previous coaching staff had been more receptive to dissenting opinion the 2009 season might have gone differently.

    Move on, Wolf. The rest of the world seems to have done so already. But then, being last to the party is probably familiar to you by now.

  • USC ’91

    Ah, geez. Here we go again. G

  • USC ’91

    Ah, geez. Here we go again. Misleading title much? I thought Martin was critical of Kiffin today. I didn’t realize we were talking about two years ago when Lane walked out on the guy’s alma mater.

    Give it a rest, Scott. We all know the timing of Lane leaving Tennessee looked bad. Even he would probably say as much. Kudos to Martin for sticking up for his school. And congrats to him on his new job. I hope he’ll bring the same ethos to his job as he expected from Lane at Tennessee.

  • NOBS

    Scott is just like SlobDusky….always the same. Trying to stir up the pot and STUPID.

  • BoscoH

    Tennessee player and Tennessee fan is entitled to be hurt by Kiffin’s short tenure and the way he departed. All of us here that aren’t UCLA alums or Bruin wannabes have all been in the position where we were dating a really nice girl and then a super hot one that was also as nice came along and presented a better opportunity. And you know what? We have fond memories of the nice girl, but we made our deal with the super hot and just as nice one. If we run into the nice girl, we’ll be polite and kind, but there is no question we’re sticking with the super hot one who is just as nice. But we still need to understand that when you can’t teach hot (like you can’t teach height), it sucks to be on the short end of that stick.

    The Bruin version of this story resembles Harry Truman’s complain about economists. According the old bomb thrower, he wanted a one-handed economist. They always seemed to say, “on the one hand” and “on the other hand”. You know, just like Boring Robs dating life for the last 20 years.

  • carlosb

    Old, dated news, Scooter being a douche bag, Just another reason why I come here to take a shit!. The commode of sports blogs.

    Fight On

  • jack

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. It is a goddamn miracle that someone from the USC athletic department has not knocked Scotty on his ass for all of his stupid ass comments on his blog. Tee Martin is not on the job for one day, and Scotty is already bringing up crap from two years ago. Unfrickinbelieveable! If there is anyone out there who went to USC the same years as Scotty, please post on this blog all the stupid ass stuff he did during that time. I don’t care what it was. If it was stupid and you witnessed it, post it. It’s time for Scotty to see how the other shoe fits once and for all.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    BoscoH FTW!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    what can i say, Scoopin’ Scotty, you have outdone yourself!!! talk about SWEEEEEEEEEEET Scooooops!!!

    a dirty turncoat in the trOXans’ midst!!!


    of coures when confronted with superior wit and brainpower (which is almost ALWAYS) the Assorted Dummies on this site fall back on desperate attacks on the wolfman!!!

    do your worst, Dummies, the wolfman is unflappable!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Bucket is so worried. Just like all the other bRuin fans spending time on this blog every day. USC is going to absolutely destroy the ruins in the Rose Bowl (USC home game) this year and for years to come.
    “Mora the same” 50-0!
    UCLA: Champions of the Offseason Made Here”

  • marvgoux

    All these comments by Tee Martin show is that that college sports is a profession and there is no loyalty, just as there is no loyalty when someone leaves Apple for Microsquish two years after badmouthing them. Lane wants the best and he doesn’t really care what Martin thinks of him personally as long as Martin produces. If he doesn’t produce he’s out, period. Those of us who went to SC will always be loyal to our school but let’s make no illusions that those people who work for it are here today gone tomorrow. Pete Carroll, John Robinson and John McKay all left us for better offers in the pros. And we fired Paul Hackett and Larry Smith because they couldn’t live up to our corporate standards.

  • Gnossos

    What a douche, Scooter.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    Say Wolf…it wasn’t too long ago that you were ranting about the lack of diversity on the USC Football coaching staff……rather than acknowledge the hire as a positive step (after all, isn’t Tee Black?), you choose to dwell on how he chose to us his freedom of speech two years ago! ethnic diversity aside, Martin will prove to be an excellent coach and a superior recruiter. Eat that!

  • USC Anteater

    In my dream blog Scotty refers to the article in his face-to-face interview with Tee Martin, and gives us some analysis of how Martin went from Kiffin criticizer to trusted member of his staff. Everyone says things that they later recant. Most people don’t have those things printed in the newspaper but when you’re a national championship winning quarterback and a nationally known recruiter (got that from Twitter, not here) you have to account for your words. So what happened, and how did Kiffin turn that around? If you were a Tennessee fan would you ever forgive Lane Kiffin for leaving after one year and leaving the program in the condition he did? Well, how about forgiving him enough to want to coach for him? That’s the real story. Please report on it.

  • USC Anteater

    Whoops, looks like Biggins at Scout actually did this, and the OC Register’s USC blog reported on it:

  • Scotty Wolf

    USC Anteater hit the nail on the head. Rather than talk about the real story of how amazing it is the Kifffin turned Martin around he plays the pissy little bitch card. Has anybody ever verified that Scott went to USC. His mangina rants sound like Bruin mantra.

  • Trojan Hoarse

    And maybe Tee Martin could assist in developing Jesse Scroggins as a decent QB?…..since we learned on the OC Register’s USC blog regarding his work ethic: I told Coach Im going to work like Im a GA, Ill do whatever he wants. My focus will obviously be the receivers, but Im open to doing anything he wants from me. I want to be a difference maker in this program…….. now THIS is journalistic reporting……

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    Martin certainly said all the right things.

    Sadly, I suspect Ex-Cop is right. This silliness will become Wolf’s go-to snark device every time Martin is discussed.

  • jack

    Trojan Horse, you are spot on. A week ago Scotty was bitching about the coaching staff not being culturally diverse enough. Now Kiffin hires Tee Martin, an African American, and all Scotty can do is bring up the so-called “negative” aspect to this hiring. We all need to accept the fact that Scotty is an old queen, and all he can do is bitch and spout off anything negative about any topic. And there is nothing worse or more pathetic than an old queen.

  • spedjones

    HAHA. Lane couldn’t get UCLA’s guy (Yarber), so he just raids UT, again. Guy’s a friggin legend!

  • carlosb

    @Hoarse.. While Tee’s trying to develop JS into “a decent QB” he will also need to try to develop JS into “a decent student” too. JS is in the academics “hole” and currently way off track.

    @jack.. Scooter is simply the devils advocate! Everyone knows that the devils advocate is in fact the asshole in the assembly! Gotta love “the old queen”! Classic! lmao..
    We used to have “el capitan” around here. If he ever comes around again we could call him “the old drag queen” lol..
    Fight On

  • Edward

    @jones: Do you know how Mora got most of his staff. Noticed how you let BruinRob do all the trash talking after signing day. What happened to the expert, and his opinions/predictions?