Mayock On Kalil

Here’s some comments from NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock on USC offensive tackle Matt Kalil.
“Kalil is a wonderfully gifted left tackle. He has great feet and long arms. What he doesn’t have yet is core strength that you look for. Every once in a while gets bull rushed. But he ulmitealy will be an exceptional pass protector.”
And here is Mayock on ASU linebacker Vontaze Burfict.
“I came away unimpressed. his instincts aren’t good. he gets enveloped by big bodies. for a big strong guy, he’s not as good at the point of attack as i thought he would be. I don’t see first round at all.”

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  • snarfy

    Are you unable or unwilling to use spell check?

  • Son of CharIie Bucket


    if Vontaze comes back next season, the Pious Passer goes pro guaran-fing-teeed!! his last game agin’ the trOXans was a study in OWNING an opposing player!!! he absolutely got all way into the Pious Passer’s head! just masterful! those kind of skillz are hard to quantify…the Pious One announced he was staying just hours after Vontaze announced he was going pro!!! what the heck does that tell you???

  • in sheep’s clothing

    if that was true, bucky, why didn’t the entire draft-eligible players on ucla go pro after FIFTY – ZERO!?