• Medneggler
  • Medneggler

    by the way, you are welcome Wolf. god forbid you actually break an interesting story on this blog. When you are being scooped by the LAT, you know things are going poorly (like the trogans basketball season, or Barkley’s weight loss program)

  • miguelito

    Sweeeeet Scoopin Medneggler… Kiffin has some great coaching connections! he allllllmost got a good one!!

    Shoulda Coulda!!!!

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Miguelita making his first appearance since 50-0, wow!!!
    Troll on!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    Lil’ Miguel, yesterday was Valentine’s Day, today must be Shouldda-Couldda Day!!!

    why can’t football season be here soooner?? the only thing that remains a mystery is, will the trOXans go down in an early shocker?? or will they suffer a later crushing defeat to de-rail their BCS Champeeenship hopes and dreams???

    either way, the Classy Cadre will be there to scatter the pieces!!!!

    next Post: What If….Southern Cal never got booty busted by Classy Ms. Coboy and her posse??

  • uscmike

    The same article mentioned that Neuheisel tried to poach Ken Norton, Jr. from Carroll’s staff. While we are at it, current Bruin DB coach Demetrice Martin is a former Trojan graduate assistant coach. BFD.

    CB: At least USC has legitimate championship aspirations. UCLA has nothing but hope, with a track record of mediocrity (or worse) under the past two coaching regimes. UCLA…Champions of the off-season, as usual.