USC-UCLA Reaction

Here’s forward Garrett Jackson on tonight’s game: “We were playing really scrappy. We just really have to work on our outside shooting. Greg Allen picked it up, especially near the end. He hit some big shots. You just have to keep grinding, fighting and finish strong.
“We’ve got lots of pride.”

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  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    They won by 10. Weren’t they favored by 16? Ouch.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    …before the trolls get all riled up.. I was jk. Good job bRuins. Unless we meet in the tourney @ Staples… It’s football time!!

  • Son of CharIie Bucket

    well, i find it hard to say anything bad about CKO…i haven’t seen many games this season, but my impression over his four seasons is that his teams never quit, and that is one of the foremost qualities anyone can ask of a coach.

    also, i just love Kiff! how queer that i love these two coaches, yet i loathe the rest of the trOXans!!

    well i can’t explain it, but i do know one thing: if loving CKO and Kiff is wrong, then i don’t wanna be right!!

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    Very confused this guy up there is, not only about who to love/loathe, but seems as if he’s also confused about his sexuality.

    Well my Willy Wonka friend, I think we have finally figured out why you always feel sooo “tingly” inside, it’s your love for Lane Kiffin!

    Son of Charlie Bucket, or whatever your name is (Frank? Fred? George? I believe it’s one of those lol)….if you are gay, open up and come on out of that closet! We are ok with it, and will accept it.


    Nice to see the boys play their hearts out; they just don’t have the talent to compete this year; but uckla is nothing to write home about either.

    As for the Ugly Bucket, we don’t loathe you, we don’t care enough about you to bother to loathe you. And your insistence that SC did not win any national championships under Carroll, and all your other negative comments about Trojans, only underscore what a petty and jealous little man you are of SC. But it is o.k., keep bringing it, because you love this blog too much to ever leave.

  • gotroy22

    Gee, Greg, those “big shots” reduced a 23 point second half rout to a mere 9 point loss. Talk about “pride”! Talk about “finishing strong”! That kind of moral victory talk is only fit for ruins. Pat Haden, please fire Kevin O’Drunk before next years recruits are infected with his loser mentality.

  • ThaiMex

    Just 2 more losses in the final 4 games and MORAL VICTORY U (SUCks) sets an all time record for most losses in a season!
    FITE ON Limbo U! Theres only ONE WAY to go…., and that’s LOWER!

  • jack

    Hey Timex, sort of like the moral victories your gutless little Bruins post in football. Let me guess, you, Charlie Bucket, son of Charlie Bucket, Small Miguel, Billdo, and Cerritoslob still think getting your ass handed to you by 50 is a moral victory? Yeah, USC is having a horrible year in hoops, we all know that, and we pretty much knew that going in. But the one thing that most USC fans will do is whine, make excuses, and say that they were cheated, for what has happened, unlike all the above mentioned FUCLA trolls that show up here on this blog when they get their asses kicked or otherwise. Another thing that USC fans will not do when a team of theirs is struggling is go to their rival’s blog and start shooting their collective mouths off about how great their school is.

  • ThaiMex

    Dear Jack @ “Proof Read U”….

    “But the one thing that most USC fans will do is whine, make excuses, and say that they were cheated, for what has happened”.

    Brilliant,….nothing short of Brilliant! (are you related to Scotty?)

    fite on though!


    ThaiMex get back out to your cart. Those hut dugs are still ice cold in the middle, tell Lupe to turn the heat down and to cook them for a longer period of time.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    @ThaiMux, ignore the truth.

    UCLA football = USC basketball (but USC football > ucla basketball)

    Deny on though…

  • W.E.B. Dupree

    When I read ThaiMex’s posts, all I hear is the kindly voice of SI’s Frank Deford, really hamming it up like he does on NPR.

  • jack

    Actually Timex, that is called an omission, because the word, not, was not used in the context of the sentence. It was not a misspelling. Therefore, you do not need spell check. Keep opening your mouth, and remove all doubt as to your level of intelligence.

  • ProbationU

    Not sure why all the comments here. No USC owns the Rose Bowl…UCLA Football does not equal USC Basketball. We were bad…but not quite at youR level of basketball ineptitude. Granted, it’s like being the tallest person in Munchkinland…but you got a little carried away.

    Last night was a joke of a game. The worst SC team that I have ever seen in my life against a bored, lifeless UCLA squad that is most likely headed to the NIT and perhaps another loss to LMU. Virtually no Trojans, no SC band, no University of Silicone Cheerleaders…nothing. DEAD. NO RIVALRY.


    I choose to remember the SC-uckla rivalry of old, and will hold out hope that the rivalry will someday return to Los Angeles. As I have said before, I hate wipeout games, win or lose (although winning is better)

  • All I know is, I counted less than 100 USC fans in attendance last night at the sports Arena…I know your team is not very good, but if you call yourself a true USC fan, you need to support your teams…no wonder USC fans are known as bandwagon fans – to me, the real USC fans are those that were tonight sporting their Trojan gear – the rest of you are bandwagon fans that will abandon your football team as soon as they lose 4 games in the season.

  • ThaiMex

    Bruin Rob,,,well said. We see it EVERY year when the TrOXans go into their mid-season Brain Dead slump, after barley beating up on The Sisters of the Poor (You know ’em), early in the season.

    Jackie boy @ Proof Read U!
    You’re really to easy of a target and your youthfulness may be an asset when it comes to Video Games, but not around here. Omission’s???, misspellings???, I simply referred to proofreading. Look the word up! You’ll be enlightened!
    BTW….my “level of intelligence” has NOTHING TO DO with YOU posting inaccurate and EMBARRASSING messages that reflect poorly of your SUCks heritage
    fite on though!
    (LIMBO U!, there’s only one way to go,…..and thats)



  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, at least you had two seats for each of your butt cheeks and one for your URN.

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl


  • NOBS, you and your clan of clowns, are nothing but bandwagon fans…true fans support their teams, and especially show up against their cross town rivals…and ESPECIALLY when the campus is across the street, I saw ZERO USC students there, most of the 100 or less USC fans that were there were older USC fans or little kids with their parents NO STUDENTS, and that is just sad and pathetic.

  • Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85

    BruinRob…true fans do not spend so much time on their rival team’s website….

    But (in your case, and many others) it could always be the inferiority complex, which is understandable, son.

  • Jethro Sabbath


    Enough about the game and the crowd. What we want to know is did you take on all comers under the statues?

  • NOBS

    SlobDusky, I was courtside and thought I saw you but wasn’t sure. There were 3 really fat guys wearing Tshirts.

    One said: If you think I’m fat, you should see my wife

    Next was: I may be FAT, but I’m still an @$$hole

    Third: My wife died. PLEASE feel sorry for me.

    Which one was you? I’m DYING to know.

  • N0BS

    Careful, my alter ego NOBS. Careful.

    Speaking of dead people, did you hear the one about the hypocrites who make fun of other dead people and then cry and moan when their dead people are mocked?

    It seems to be easy to bring a whole school of hypocrites to it’s pathetic sobbing knees. Awww.

  • lbc trojan

    NOBS doesn’t represent us all, N0BS.

  • @Jethro, I waited and waited, nobody showed up, I did see a couple of curious onlookers but they just walked by…NOBS, I really have no response to your post, other than…you’re a pathetic classless loser, that’s it…and
    @lbcTrojan, no worries, we all know NOBS does NOT represent USC fans, alumni, or anything related to USC, just as I don’t represent the views or opinions of the UCLA fan base.

  • N0BS

    lbc: I know most Trojans dissavow NOBS, on the other hand, many of them join in on his foul antics. Is it really so shocking that you would get some bad tasting medicine in return?

    I think that it is real interesting that Scott did not consider banning me or the real one NOBS even though a lot of you tried to get Scott to ban me. Maybe he thinks “checks or balances” are a good thing on here.

    I will stand down. But I will also keep one eye open.