Answer Friday!

How would you allocate USC’s 18 scholarships next season? I give a try doing it in this segment.

Q: SCDDS said:
Can you please comment on Sammy Knight, and why he may have been passed over for the full-time secondary coach. From all reports that I’ve heard, the players meshed well with him last season, and he did a good job of “coaching them up”. Any chance of him returning as a GA?

A: He still has time left on his GA commitment but I’ve heard nothing from USC about him coaching in spring practice. He was popular with the players and did a good job filling in for Willie Mack Garza. But Lane Kiffin made it clear once the season ended he wanted to go in a different direction.

Q: bestlakersfan said:
Scott, let’s say you are the SC head coach and have 18 scholarships to give out, please give us your breakdown of your ideal class by position. Thanks.

A: I’d say just off the bat, 3 defensive tackles, 2 tailbacks, 1 quarterback, 3 defensive ends, 2 offensive linemen, 2 wide receivers, 4 defensive backs-safeties. I would leave a scholarship to see how the season goes and what needs arise.

Q: briankeithedwards said:
Why do you think USC didnt consider names like Chris Claiborne, Junior Seau, Mark Carrier or Sammy Knight for any of the coaching positions. With Claiborne and Seau is it a lack of experience or just no mutual interest? And with Knight doesnt he seem like a more sound option that Marvin Sanders who has somewhat of a sketchy past?

A: I think Chris Claiborne enjoys coaching but knows a college job requires an extreme time commitment. He is enjoying high school coaching right now, which allows him plenty of time for other business interests and he can spend time with this family. Junior Seau’s never really shown an interest that I could see. Sammy Knight was not Lane Kiffin’s choice. Mark Carrier was interested, I understand, but Kiffin always preferred Marvin Sanders.

Q: malachi crunch5 said:
During the 50 – 0 game last season, do you feel that the other team gave up and lost their drive to play for their former coach Newhessal? Or were they just tired?

A: One of the big problems for UCLA last season was that it seemed to give up for Rick Neuheisel. From what I heard, the players doubted him well before last season.

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