• barney

    Well I’m confused. Rivals gives Agholar 5 stars and ranks him No. 3 in the wede receivers category and gives Treggs 4 stars, ranks him No. 12 and calls him the best in the class here?? Oh well, so much for their ranking and stars.

  • Marky Marc

    These are very suspect. How can they have SC tied for sixth for RBs, when we did not sign any RBs? There is only Pinner, who is really a FB, and that alone makes SC have a better RB class than Arizona, UCLA, Cal, etc.? I don’t buy it.

  • huntingtonharvey

    @barney – They meant that Treggs was the best player in Cal’s class. @markymarc – How is that hard to figure when UCLA and AZ each only signed one RB and they were both three stars. Pinner is a better pick-up. He’s one of the best FB in the nation.

  • Bottom Line? UCLA had the #1 rating in 2 positions and USC only in 1 position…advantage? UCLA

    Go Bruins!!!


    There it is folks! Champions of the offseason!

  • huntingtonharvey

    @BruinRob (I can’t believe I’m actually responding to you) USC ranked higher than UCLA in 7 of 10 position categories and the only ones in which UCLA ranked higher (QB, DT, Ath) USC signed no players at. We didn’t fill our roster with three-stars like UCLA since we decided it wasn’t worth reaching due to scholarship limitations. But congrats on McCarthy and Fuller (they are legit gets) all the others you got we didn’t want.

  • snarfy


    That’s going to mean a lot when USC administers another 50-0 beatdown next year. Good luck winning another off-season national championship.

  • @smurfy, oh yeah!!!! I love that 50-0!!! thank you trOJans!! it gave us Jim Mora!! that 50-0 was the best thing that EVER happened to UCLA…thank you again trOJans!
    @huntingtonharvey, who cares!!! UCLA was still #1 in the Pac-12 in those position rankings…don’t try rain on my parade!! heee heee heee

  • snarfy


    I love it too. I love it so much I bought my 50-0 t-shirt at the bookstore last week.

    I like your positive attitude but you’re limiting yourself. Look at it like getting stomped 12 out of 13 years was the best thing that ever happened to UCLA; that’s the price you needed to pay to reach the promised land of winning yet another offseason championship.

    Dorrell —> Neuheusel —> Mora

    Every time there’s so much fanfare. So many good vibes. Now it’s time for the bad news. When our teams actually play on the field again it’s going to be another train wreck.

    Matt Barkley is going to throw for 6 touchdowns and Marqise Lee is going to make Tevin McDonald crap his alternate uniform again. Then we’re going to make another arrogant t-shirt.

    After we do beat you in 2013 I think maybe we’ll mark the occasion with a t-shirt that says something cheeky like “lucky 7s” in reference to 2 back to back 7 year win streaks.

  • Edward

    “Our 75 Is Better Than Your 85” is the handle of the year. Should be on T-shirts, should be USC’s motto for 2012-2014. USC vs. the entire NCAA, and all of it’s members. Get the swagger back. No more Bushit!

  • ThaiMex

    You knuckleheads can play with “Our 75 is Better Than your 85” until your 1st LOSS…then…you return to Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda U! Like Rats jumping off a sinking ship…The Kiffy Bashing, Orgeron stinks, Haden too STUFFY, Old Man Kiff, is just too OLD crap begins. Then and only then does REALITY set in, because all of the sudden you realize there are severe DEPTH issues.
    Yes Torgans….there is LIGHT at the end of the Tunnel….but it isn’t what you think!
    (then those T-shirts will mysteriously disappear Quicker than all those “NEW ENGLAND PATRIOT 2012 SUPERBOWL CHAMPIONS” T-Shirts that were printed up).
    fite on though!
    LIMBO U…there’s only ONE WAY TO GO, and that’s

  • carlosb

    @Edward.. Classic! but we should also add… “so thank you Missy Cuntboy”

  • USC owns the Rose Bowl

    Yeeeeaaaaaah b/c depth hurt us last year………… lmao. Thai enjoy all your offseason hope that SC won’t ruin your football season next fall. Enjoy watching us succeed.
    Troll on though…

  • oregon111

    speaking of t-shirts…

    when does the t-shirt come out featuring Maualuga in black and white striped chain gain unis behind bars holding a tin cup???

  • Edward

    @111: Right after the one depicting your DB taking the police on a 116 MPH chase in a pot-stenched car, which your QB claimed he slept through. That would be awesome in Eugene.

  • The Monopoly Is Over Here

    I see the slope is still here blabbering about LIMBO U… Pac-12 souf champs biatch……..We got the Tee’s to prove it…